2013-08-10- Ben Jones – Why I Believe In God

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Here are a number of areas of proof for God’s existence.  My goal is not to give comprehensive proofs, but rather open up areas of exploration for your mind, to allow you to know what proofs are out there for our faith.  I suggest that you look further into these various proofs.  There are a number of places to start:
www.godslastwarning.com/audiobooks -> go to the audio books section and read “prophecy speaks” and “past present and future in biblical prophecy” and keep an eye out for the up and coming series we are releasing on the book of Daniel.
www.creation.com -> there is a lot of information
and also go to our FAQ section.

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Does Pope Francis have an Adventist brother (updated)?


Thankfully have finally found the truth on this topic.  It seems the story was not accurate.  The preacher in the video has come clean about it and apologised for his mistake. I thank everyone for there help getting to the bottom of this.

I have heard a number of claims saying this story is a hoax, and many corroborating the story who knew the man personally.  I cannot be 100% sure of the accuracy.  It seems plausible to me, though I have been wrong before.

I would ask if you have any information proving this to be a hoax, or proving it to be correct, please add a comment.

I did remove this article previously at the request of a few concerned brothers and sisters.  But rather than sweeping this under the carpet, with prayer I have decided to put it back up with a disclaimer.  It is very important not to immediately dismiss Gambetta as a liar because the GC said so.  The GC did not actually address any of the claims made in the video.  Also, I am vary wary of destroying someones reputation by calling them a liar, without any proof.  A mans reputation is worth a lot in the sight of God, and we need to be very careful not to attack this preacher without fully proving his guilt.

These are the following claims made by this video:
1. the pope has a brother who is SDA
2. the pope’s family disowned him because he became SDA
3. he changed his name to avoid persecution

This claim is not made by the video, but has been put forward as an attack on its legitimacy.  Personally, I don’t mind where truth comes from, as long as it is true:
4. the pastor and/or the popes alleged brother are not directly affiliated with the main stream Adventist church.

So far none of the proofs provided by the general conference have rebutted the main claims.

If this is true or false, make no mistake, a Jesuit at the helm of the Catholic church will bring persecution upon the SDA people if they are living up to the light they have received.

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