Evidence for The Red Sea Crossing


Often this awesome proof for the bible has been disregarded within Adventism, simply because of it’s association with Ron Wyatt.  All the other denominations have also rejected it, because of its association with Adventism.  But if we are to be intelligent human beings, we need to disregard bias, and look at the evidence.  What many don’t realise is a number of people, including diplomats and PhDs have retraced Ron Wyatts steps, and confirmed his findings.  This talk goes through some of the vast array of evidence for the red sea crossing.

What Every Minister Should Know

1033_32_3-Pulpit-BibleChurches rise and fall. The only constant in any Christian church is change, be it independent ministries, large churches or home churches.  Human nature fights against the will of God.  This is often blamed on many things: rebellion of the youth, an attack of Satan, a bad pastor, or many other things, but generally the most dangerous thing is what we all aim for the most: prosperity.  We become complacent, and begin to be content with our walk. We become “rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing”, and we don’t realise we are “poor, miserable, blind and naked”.

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