Daniel Unsealed – s01e11 – The Rock (the final world government revealed)

Many are looking for a new world order, or world government to take over, but as usual they are all looking the wrong direction.  In this final episode the final world government will be revealed.  Learn how and when this is set to take place. This is the last in this series of Daniel Unsealed. http://www.danielunsealed.com youtube

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Daniel Unsealed – s01e10 – A Divided Europe (Will there be a new world order?)

Many are convinced that there will be a world government.. but will this happen, or if it does, how long will it last? Learn how many people in history attempted and failed at this process.


Daniel Unsealed – s01e09 – The Division of Europe

The invasion of the Roman Empire by the Huns is possibly one of the most complicated parts of history. I believe this makes it very clear.


Daniel Unsealed – 08 – The Iron Mixed With Miry Clay (the rise of Constantine)

One of the most important people in the creation of the Papal Empire was Constantine. He did what many thought were good things at the time (legalising Christianity), etc.  This episode covers his rise to power.


Daniel Unsealed – s01e07 – Rome (15 minutes)

Why did God use Iron to describe Rome?  It is well beyond the superficial use of iron in their weaponry.
This one is early, as I will be away for a week, so you get a bonus episode this week 🙂
Next episode should be as normal.