Mark Turner – True Forgiveness 

Mark named this must watch sermon slightly differently,  but to me this was the crux of this sermon: how to forgive as God forgives.  This is a question I have personally struggled with, but Mark gives a description of what true forgiveness is, and shows from the bible how most of us have a slightly skewed version of forgiveness.  Every Christian needs to clearly understand this.

The Holy Spirit – Stephen Bohr

If you have been near facebook in the last 2 years, you will have noticed a number of conservative adventists converting to the “2 person Godhead” view, where Christ is thought to be a created being, and the Holy Spirit is not a distinct being.  Sadly many interactions with these converts end up fruitless for anyone involved in the “discussion”, as it is considered by many to be a salvational issue, and a determination of the church being Babylon.

I personally believe the topic is not that relevant practically, other than the fact that this belief seems to be very divisive.  In this sermon Stephen Bohr shows why the bible and EGW support what we now call the Trinitarian view (though “3 Person God head” woudl possibly be a more accurate name), even though many of the Adventist pioneers of the early church supported other views.  Far from being an argumentative sermon, he shows some amazing faith building truths that show the power we have available through the Holy Spirit.

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