Clear Evidence For Young Earth – Dinosaurs & Carbon 14

For most people today, if you say “the earth is 6000 years old”, they call you a Neanderthal.  Interestingly though, this comment, meant to be derogatory, actually is a compliment, given the Neanderthals have recently had their genome mapped, and they are just modern humans with larger brains.
But I digress… this video follows up on the work of Mary Switzer, (reluctant discoverer of soft tissue in dinosaur bones), and shows how much deeper this issue goes.
Specifically the finding of C14 in these same tissues.  Meaning these supposedly 250-65 million year old animals, are at most 100,000 years old.   Darwinism destroyed right?  Time to all become creationists?  Watch how these major scientists in their field react to this very clear evidence for a young earth.  Yes, you need a PhD to be that blind.