Doug Bachelor’s Thoughts on Pope’s visit to the US in September 2015

Doug Bachelor gives a run down of the Pope’s visit to the US in the next few weeks, and what it is all about.

If you still don’t understand the significance of the pope in Biblical Prophecy, it is well worth checking out this high quality documentary produced by Doug Bachelor (well worth the watch) Revelation – The Bride, The Beast & Babylon (thank you to them for releasing it for free for a limited time):

Interesting abc tv in the US:

Moody Science Classics – sermons from science

This is the full collection of the “sermons from science” series that showed on US TV back in the 60-70s.  This is the stuff that made me love science, and my kids are always excited to watch them.  Even though the quality is bad, don’t let that fool you, the message is outstanding.

If you like science (or even if you don’t), these will bring you closer to our creator God, and maybe you will learn something at the same time :)
There are a lot of videos in the list, all are good, but my favourite is “Ultimate Adventure“.  My kids favourites are “Experience with an Eel” and the Ultimate Adventure.  They are all great though.

Food as Medicine – Nutrition Facts 2015 Update

Michael Greger MD, searches through all the nutrition articles and posts the most relevant and interesting findings on his website daily, in short, witty and informative videos.  Once a year he compiles the best of the best findings, and presents the information at a conference.

This is the latest yearly update “food as Medicine”, shows all the most significant studies of 2015/2014, on how to stay healthy.  Significantly, he covers omega 3s and the importance of DHA in your diet (a spoiler, DHA is available in fish free versions – google “ovega 3s”).  Well worth a watch… very important for anyone who wants to live a long, healthy life.


The God Shaped Brain

According to a recent study in the US, a Christian wife is 2-4 times more likely to abuse her husband than a non-christian wife.  Why?  This series gives the answer, and the solution.
This is a quality recording of the series “the God Shaped Brain” by Tim Jennings.  I posted the same series Tim did in Australia, but this one is far better quality.  If you haven’t watched this series (or even if you have) this is very worth the watch and re-watch (there is a huge amount of info in it).  It covers how if we have a false understanding of God, we can quite literally destroy our minds, our relationships, and possibly our salvation (“I never knew you”).

And for a more in depth version of the same talk:

2300 Year Prophecy Vindicated

Of all the prophecies that William Miller and the 1844 movement preached, this one has to be one of the most controversial.  The main reason: it is often reduced to an argument and often a poorly supported one.  This series of videos strips it back to the basics, lays down the 4 options (2300 years, 2300 days, 1150 days, 23 days) and shows very clearly how Miller and the hundreds of preachers of his time all over the world (including young children in Sweden), were preaching God inspired truth.  Herb Kersten takes us through a indepth study of the original hebrew of the text, and compares it within Daniel, without resorting to external proofs of the year day principle.
If you believe you have heard it all before on the 2300 days, prepare to be enlightened.

The series is split into 4 sections:
1. The time (all covering the 2300 days only) – note presentation starts at 6:30 into the first video
2. questions about this section (many very good questions asked)
3. The Event (what was the “cleansing of the sanctuary”.. and have we even got that translation entirely wrong!)
4. Questions about the event.

Outstanding series.


David Gates – What You Must Do, Do Quickly.

Every now and then we need a wake up call.  Well, in the US particularly, and quickly after, the rest of the world, we are about to get a major, major economic shift.   According to many of the major players, this will make 2008 look like a tea party.  It is only a miracle it hasn’t happened earlier, however now major parties are moving money outside the US.   The message is, things are going to get messy, but we have a little bit of time to prepare.

I will let David Gates explain:

Spanish version

Kent Hovind is back in action

After 9 years in Jail, Kent has finally been released and had all the charges dropped.  Such insanity that he even went to prison… don’t get me started.  Anyway.  He has hit the ground running with his first video on youtube (which didn’t even exist when he went into prison).  While I don’t agree with everything he says, particularly relating to his views on the Sabbath (he doesn’t believe we have to keep the biblical Sabbath) and state of the dead (he believes in the immortality of the soul), I believe this guy has been used by God to trample the state funded religion which is Evolution.