Daniel Unsealed – s01e04 – The Interpretation – Babylon (3min)

Now we start the interpretation.  This is a visualisation of the immense size of Babylon and shows why God chose Gold to represent this kingdom. This is a short one this week… next week we start to see Medo Persia, and there is much more detail.


Defeating Atheism With Science

This is an excellent video showing evidence for the Christian faith in Science (A literal reading of Genesis).  If you don’t need evidence for your faith, then be sure that you do need evidence to talk to atheists.  It is important to remember outreach is the entire purpose of a genuine Christian’s life.  This video will help you give an answer for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear, and maybe help God bring someone to Christ.  Even if you think you have heard it all, there are probably a few useful factoids that might save someones life one day.

Daniel Unsealed – s01e03 – The Dream (nebuchadnezzar’s dream) – 7 minutes

The next in the series of Daniel Unsealed. This gives a brief run-down of context of when the dream happened, and then shows the dream. www.danielunsealed.com


How Much Water Do We Need?

Got asthma?  Got back pain? Got constipation? Got headaches?  Got random aches and pains.  Maybe you aren’t drinking enough water.  How much is enough?

According to the following video, approx 33ml / 1kg of body weight. (not all at once, spread evenly over the day, sipped) i.e. for a 75kg person, approx 2.45 litres per day (you will need a lot more than this if exercising.

What is the best type of water?  clean water (note this guy mentions distilled water as the best, but in later articles he has retracted that.  Distilled water is good for detoxing, but in the long term it isn’t the best)

For an explanation of why watch this video (very interesting):