What’s Next? Ben Carson, Trump, Tell The World and Hacksaw Ridge

It has occurred to me this week that prophetically many things are falling into place at this moment in history. I have tried to keep quiet about the upcoming US election on godslastwarning.com, but with the end in sight, ben-carsonsilence is better left for another time.

Firstly, Ben Carson ran as the Republican candidate against Donald Trump. Carson’s campaign and honesty shone a massive spotlight on the Seventh-Day Adventist church, to the point where I saw ‘New York Times’ news articles explaining in detail both ‘Righteousness by Faith’ and the ‘1888 Message’.

Secondly, Mel Gibson (a Catholic) hacksaw0001has immortalised the story of the late Desmond Doss on the big screen. His film ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ (released 24 Oct, 2016) accurately represents Doss’ dedication not only to his country but first and foremost to his God. As a Seventh-Day Adventist during World War 2, Doss faithfully honoured the Sabbath and refused to kill the ‘enemy’. Outstandingly, ‘Hacksaw Ridge’ was worthy of a 10 minute standing ovation at its premiere. This is yet another example of the Seventh-Day Adventist church being brought into the spotlight. For more information please visit faithofdoss.com.  For a very brief overview of Desmond Doss’ true-life story click here.

Thirdly, the Seventh-Day Adventist church released ‘Tell The World’ (on youTube on 18 Oct, 2016), a moving, historical reenactment of the Great Disappointment of 1844, and the birth of the Seventh Day Adventist church. The release of this quality production is especially timely since the screenwriters managed to both gracefully and systematically dispel many of the popular myths and objections surrounding the prophetic significance of 1844. ‘Tell The World’ can be viewed free here on youTube. To the cast, crew, volunteers and financial contributors, thank you so much.
img_0003So now we have arrived at potentially one of the greatest turning points in our world’s history. Here are four of the many significant events taking place worldwide.

  1. The Seventh-Day Adventist Church is receiving positive, world-wide publicity.
  2. hillary-clinton-thumbs-upTuesday’s US election could turn the United St483208412-real-estate-tycoon-donald-trump-flashes-the-thumbs-up-jpg-crop_-promo-xlarge2ates into either a Socialist / Communist State, highly hostile to Christianity, or into a combined Church and State government, as predicted in ‘The Great Controversy’ (free download here).
  3. Gay marriage is now legal in the US, sadly bringing condemnation on the teachings of the Bible, and also leading to the persecution of Christians who disagree with same-sex marriage.
  4. And now China and Russia alike are closing down many non state-approved churches, not to mention the many other countries which are enacting similar policies.

So what does this all mean to us as Christians? I personally see these recent events as momentous, a huge shift in ‘world thinking’. These portentous developments could easily bring on the last pages of the Great Controversy, and of the world as we know it.

So, in closing, the big question remains: What are you going to do about it?

We may be entering the last phase of human history. So let us use this time as an opportunity to share with others our love and experience of following Jesus, help others to learn the truth of salvation and prophetic time, and also use this opportunity ourselves to draw nearer to God. Whoever gets into power, whatever laws are passed, whether our faith in Christ is legal or not, we are going to find it harder and harder to share, so get out there while you still can.

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The Mark of the Beast (Worship Wars III)

There are seemingly endless theories as to what the mark of the beast is, the most common in the modern era being the RFID chip.  But are we making the same mistake as the Jews of old, by literally applying this symbol.  Ray Hobbs takes us through a simple explanation of why the RFID chip isn’t a logical interpretation of this scripture, and shows us a plausible alternative.

The Eastern Question – Islam in Prophecy

The Eastern Question relating to Daniel 11 and how Islam fits into biblical prophecy, is one of the most controversial prophecies in Adventism… at least it is if you hold my view (currently the minority view).
I have seen people yelled at, ridiculed and even special meetings held to ensure my view was “clarified away”.  So, needless to say, this isn’t a view that will make you friends.  I do believe however, it holds merit, and seems to be increasingly fitting current events in the middle east.  It was also the view of many of the prominent pioneers in EGWs time (this isn’t a guarantee of truth, it is simply interesting).

The two options are basically this:
Option 1: The literal reading of Daniel 11, or
Option 2: the literal reading of Daniel 11:1-40 and spiritual reading of Daniel 11:40-45. This speaker argues for the option 1, and to me it seems the more reasonable view, especially in the light of current events.

audio: mp3
Daniel & The Revelation by Uriah Smith (1897 EGW estate version): pdf, buy book (also available for free in EGW 2 app on IOS, Android, Windows, and Windows Phone)


Doug Bachelor’s Thoughts on Pope’s visit to the US in September 2015

Doug Bachelor gives a run down of the Pope’s visit to the US in the next few weeks, and what it is all about.

If you still don’t understand the significance of the pope in Biblical Prophecy, it is well worth checking out this high quality documentary produced by Doug Bachelor (well worth the watch) Revelation – The Bride, The Beast & Babylon (thank you to them for releasing it for free for a limited time):

Interesting abc tv in the US:

2300 Year Prophecy Vindicated

Of all the prophecies that William Miller and the 1844 movement preached, this one has to be one of the most controversial.  The main reason: it is often reduced to an argument and often a poorly supported one.  This series of videos strips it back to the basics, lays down the 4 options (2300 years, 2300 days, 1150 days, 23 days) and shows very clearly how Miller and the hundreds of preachers of his time all over the world (including young children in Sweden), were preaching God inspired truth.  Herb Kersten takes us through a indepth study of the original hebrew of the text, and compares it within Daniel, without resorting to external proofs of the year day principle.
If you believe you have heard it all before on the 2300 days, prepare to be enlightened.

The series is split into 4 sections:
1. The time (all covering the 2300 days only) – note presentation starts at 6:30 into the first video
2. questions about this section (many very good questions asked)
3. The Event (what was the “cleansing of the sanctuary”.. and have we even got that translation entirely wrong!)
4. Questions about the event.

Outstanding series.