Dr Timothy Jennings – The God Shaped Brain – Neuroplasticity, Epigenetics, and the Bible.

Outstanding series of videos on how the brain works, and how the bible was way ahead of science in many things that we are only learning today, including Neuroplasticity,  Epigenetics and many other areas of molecular brain function.  The first in the series is on a practical use of these techniques, and then further shows the science as to how it all happens.

Do Chimps have 98% similar DNA to humans?

You’ve seen it on a sign at just about every zoo exhibit “chimps share 98% of their DNA with humans”.   This info has been refuted for many years, and has just recently been shown to be way off the mark.  In fact the best science today is showing the genomes of Chimps and Humans to be more like 70% similar.

To get an idea, there is approximately 0.012% race accounted DNA difference between an African American and a Caucasian American and approximately 0.12% difference between you and me.  (makes race seem like a pretty insane point doesn’t it… perhaps why the colour of skin is never mentioned in the bible as a distinguishing feature – definitely not how we use it today anyway).

Anyway… without further ado… here is a video from a PhD working on DNA with a bunch of credentials longer than my arm basically saying what I said in Scientific jargon.  Very interesting.

Defeating Atheism With Science

This is an excellent video showing evidence for the Christian faith in Science (A literal reading of Genesis).  If you don’t need evidence for your faith, then be sure that you do need evidence to talk to atheists.  It is important to remember outreach is the entire purpose of a genuine Christian’s life.  This video will help you give an answer for the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear, and maybe help God bring someone to Christ.  Even if you think you have heard it all, there are probably a few useful factoids that might save someones life one day.

Egyptology vs the Bible – amazing evidence for biblical events – Ross Patterson

Ipuwer Papyrus SThere are many different Egyptian timelines, some very close to the bible, some a long way off.  Which are we to believe?  And are there Egyptian artefacts that corroborate the story of the Hebrews in Egypt and the exodus?  Can we have a intelligent faith in the bible?  In this video Ross Patterson shows some amazing evidence for the interaction of the Hebrews with the Egyptians as recorded in Genesis and Exodus.

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Evidence for The Red Sea Crossing


Often this awesome proof for the bible has been disregarded within Adventism, simply because of it’s association with Ron Wyatt.  All the other denominations have also rejected it, because of its association with Adventism.  But if we are to be intelligent human beings, we need to disregard bias, and look at the evidence.  What many don’t realise is a number of people, including diplomats and PhDs have retraced Ron Wyatts steps, and confirmed his findings.  This talk goes through some of the vast array of evidence for the red sea crossing.

Was the great pyramid built before the flood?

There are many strange ideas about the flood that are usually an attempt to reconcile secular dating methods.  These methods are always dubious at best, and are often over turned by further research.  However, Christian’s still like to compromise.

One of these compromises is the concept that at least one of the Egyptian Pyramids found in Giza / Cairo today, were built before the flood.

But is that even possible?  I believe after reading the genesis account and then the following account from SOP, you will see there is absolutely no way anything could have survived this event.  And if this account isn’t enough, there is a final nail in the coffin of this theory to conclude.

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