The Problem of Evil and the Skeptic’s Dilemma (David Wood)

The problem of pain, and why it happens, have often been difficult for many people.  How could a loving God allow so much pain? This is a very clear and concise lecture on why this is an incredibly inconsistent argument. A very worth while watch, even if you don’t think this is a real issue.

The Flat Earth – Debunked

I really haven’t wanted to post anything on the flat earth theory, as quite frankly I struggle treating it in a way that won’t offend believers (“a brother offended is harder to win than a strong castle”).  However, over the last few years I have seen a lot of genuine people caught up in the idea that the earth is flat and I believe it is time to post something about it.

Having an big interest in science all my life, I have found it quite shocking that the flat earth idea has gained traction in 2017.  However, I realise not everyone understands science to any degree of significance and many of the articles/videos talking about the flat earth argument may sound scientific, when they really aren’t.  In fact, my feeling is that this is simply a theory invented and propagated by people who know better, as a large prank to make genuine people look stupid (like many of the fake news sites out there).  Especially when you consider the Flat Earth Society was a hoax organisation established by humanists in the mid 1970s as an attempt to make the church look stupid by claiming Christians used to believe in a flat earth.  Sadly this worked very well and to this day most people are convinced Christopher Columbus discovered the world was round, and that he proved the church and the bible wrong were wrong. Yet in reality, the church and pretty much everyone on the planet through history has believed in a round earth, give or take a few people here and there. For more on this, follow the link: What did the Church really teach on a flat earth?.

But I digress.  Here are a number of videos showing why the earth cannot be flat.  Many of these things you can test yourself.  Please watch with an open mind if you are a flat earth believer, and if you disagree with the science, get a science text book and check it out.  If you are still unconvinced, try the experiments.

for more:
Prove the earth is round with a stick:

top ten reasons we know the earth is round:

How the Coriolis Effect causes a bullet to go further when you shoot east:

10 Easy Ways You Can Tell The Earth Is Round

Patterns of Evidence – Exodus

patternsUnfortunately I am unable to share this one for free, but if you are a student of the bible or a skeptic of the bible, this is a must purchase.

Patterns of Evidence – Exodus is without question, the most comprehensive, balanced documentary on the Exodus ever made, showing in great detail evidence for the Israelite presence in Egypt, the plagues, and the exodus.

Tim Mahoney takes us through his journey, and how he regained his faith in the biblical account.  During the 2 hours, he introduces us to many skeptical scientists, and even manages to get an interview with Benjamin Netanyahu (Prime Minister of Israel).  Mahoney shows why so many bible scholars and archaeologists have missed all this evidence and how it can easily be reconciled when taken as a whole.

Seriously though, if you can’t afford it, beg or borrow money to get this movie (don’t steal, that would be too ironic). This is vital information if you wish to share (or learn) about Christ in this modern skeptical era.

Moody Science Classics – sermons from science

This is the full collection of the “sermons from science” series that showed on US TV back in the 60-70s.  This is the stuff that made me love science, and my kids are always excited to watch them.  Even though the quality is bad, don’t let that fool you, the message is outstanding.

If you like science (or even if you don’t), these will bring you closer to our creator God, and maybe you will learn something at the same time 🙂
There are a lot of videos in the list, all are good, but my favourite is “Ultimate Adventure“.  My kids favourites are “Experience with an Eel” and the Ultimate Adventure.  They are all great though.