Great Spiritual Apps for Android / Apple / Windows Phone

Recently on android there have been a lot of great apps come out for the Sabbath School, the Hymnal and recently EGW.  So here is a list of my favorite apps at the moment and why.  I have added other OS apps where they existed.

BibleTecarta Bible (Android / Apple) – Has strongs links for a small extra cost… very easy to highlight.  Has account so you can sync all your highlights and notes (incase you break or lose your phone like I have so many times… even if you change between android or apple).  I find this app way faster than any other app out there.

sabbath schoolSDA adult sabbath school app (Android apple).  No matter which denomination you are, there are lots of blessings to be had from this.  For those who haven’t done a sabbath school before, this is like a daily reading which focuses on a particular aspect of bible truth.  This quarter is all on being a missionary.  This is a very simple and clear layout that is very fast to navigate. My favorite part of this app is you can listen to a high quality recording of the days lesson (you will be prompted to install another app which fully integrates into this app so you can read along), and also you can click the bible links to read the context (also prompts install of another app which fully integrates).

sda hymnalSDA hymnal (words only, android only, though there are plenty of different hymnal apps out there for other platforms).  Has hymns from both the 1980s hymnal, and the 1940s.  Has options to favorite and rate hymns.  Very nice layout.


EGW WritingsEGW Writings v2 (Windows Phone/8.1/10, Apple, Android).  Awesome app with heaps of audiobooks, and quite good layout and search function.  Also contains thousands of books from the SDA pioneer writers.  Amazing resource.  On android it has an outstanding text to speech option (prompts for install, can be finicky to get going, but great when you do) – I have never heard a more natural text to speech voice.  Works great on windows PC too (all the audiobooks there) – requires windows apps store (windows 8 or higher)

Notable mentions: – (android, apple) heaps of free audiobibles (I generally listen to KJV dramatized)
Alexander Scourby KJV – (android, apple) good app, but very expensive
Audible (android, apple, windows phone) I listen to many audiobooks on this, all books cost money though… this is a general store, Case for Grace, Great Controversy and Desire of Ages are some of my favorite spiritual books on there.
Audioverse (android, apple, windows phone) – huge amount of mp3 sermons
SDA Hymnal – (has notes for ipad)

If you have any other apps you use, feel free to add a comment.

Why Do Christian Churches Worship on Sunday?

This video series covers the history of the Sabbath, as it changed from the 7th day of the week, to the 1st day of the week, and then to be considered done away with in the mid 20th century.

Kent Hovind Acquitted!!

426278_10150615180378353_1066889566_nSome very happy news today, Kent Hovind (aka Dr Dino), the independent baptist pastor who’s DVDs renewed my faith in the bible, has now had all his charges dropped.  Here is the info from Eric Hovind his son, who has been running while his Dad was away:

Dr. Hovind Acquitted on all charges!
It is time to CELEBRATE!!!!
I just received the motion filed tonight that shows Kent Hovind’s charges have been dismissed AND the motion for acquittal on count three has been granted by Judge Rodgers. Can you feel my excitement!!!!

Celebrate this amazing news with us by supporting what Dr. Hovind has spent his life teaching. Many people got their start through Kent Hovind Videos. We would love for you to prayerfully consider a gift of support to continue the efforts of creation ministries through the Creation Network by going to:

Let’s continue the work that Dr. Hovind started in a bigger way than he ever dreamed.

Thank you,

Eric Hovind

P.S. I will let you know when and where the PARTY is going to be!

So if you have been praying, as I have, our prayers have been answered.

98 year Old Vegan Heart Surgeon Retired at 95

Anyone who has been vegan for any amount of time has heard all sorts of horror stories from their meat eating friends. One of which is the mythical 9 year wall.  This is pushed by a number of health retreats, and health websites.  Personally, my wife and I have been vegan for 10 years, and I’m still waiting for the wall :)   No doubt you can do a vegan diet wrong, however if done correctly,  it is by far the most healthy and environmentally friendly way to live.

This guy has been vegan for 50 years, and shows the main purpose of being vegan is not to just live longer, but to live longer with your mind in tact.