Change of Name

I have decided to remove Mark Woodman’s name from this site.  I will continue to post his articles, and his sermons will continue to be available here, and I will continue to post the transcripts for these sermons.

Many people are getting the impression that it is him doing the posting.  If people want to hate me for the presentation of what I believe to be truth, I can handle that, but it is not fair for Mark’s name to be on something that he hasn’t the opportunity to agree with.  Sadly, he is dead, so I cannot talk to him and ask him for his advice as I used to.

** update ** I have disabled comments on the articles now.  I have appreciated the positive and encouraging comments about Leo and his family, and the understanding comments about his bitter end, however the majority of the comments seem to have become less than constructive.

I apologize for the confusion and the inconvenience.   I wished this to be a positive forum, but it seems to have degenerated into an excuse to direct anger towards me or Leo.  I understand this is a difficult time, and people are grieving, which is why I will likely open up the comments in a few weeks when the dust has settled.

I also apologize to anyone who felt my comments came across harsh or un-Christlike.