God’s Final Call – 01 – Is it the End of the World?

Sermon by Mark Woodman

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Is this the end of the world?

Welcome. We’re starting off a lecture series that the first lecture is entitled ‘Is it the end of the world?’ This is an interesting subject. This is a topic which is discussed at all levels of society and has been the question laid in front of many people as long as we can go back in history. Is it the end of the world? Obviously not. That is the obvious statement. Everything has taken so long to get to where we are here millions and millions of years. It is not going to end just like that. Before we get to the lecture series – and it’s going to be quite a long lecture series and we’ll go through a whole bunch of information – I just want to give you a bit of a background about myself and then it might give you some insight as to why I travel and speak as I do giving insight into the deceptions which are currently so vividly marketed in the world.


My name is Mark Woodman. I was born in 1975 in Johannesburg to a family of four – my parents, my sister and I. We were born into a family of devout Christian heritage. When I say devout Christians we were dedicated to the church. I was born into the New Apostolic church. That is not a charismatic church, it’s a very reverenced church and it’s a church that believes that it is the bride of Christ. Also having worship services that are reverenced full with music and very closely associated to the word of God. When I was born into this church I got involved in all aspects of the church and I was music co-coordinator, I was choir master and was orchestra leader, I was youth leader for a while, I was involved in all different types of it, I was a deacon, sub-deacon and I was on my way to become a priest and we’d go to services regularly. We’d have three-four communion services a week. Tuesday evening would be choir, Thursday evening would be orchestra, Friday evening would be youth, Saturday would be something, Sunday would be something, so the church absorbed all aspects of our lives. We were heavily involved in the church.

Around the end of 2001-2002 in the beginning somewhere there we started to ask some questions, my wife and I. We had some questions which were troubling us and as we were asking the various people around us, we weren’t able to get the answers that we were looking for. With the New apostolic church, it’s got a hierarchal structure where you go higher and higher in the organization to get more and more difficult questions answered. The higher we went the more we realized that the answers were not founded on anything that made sense and we decided … we were looking for God. We wanted to know who God was. One of the questions which I asked was ‘who is God? How do I know that God is Jesus Christ?’ How do you know that God is Jesus Christ? Is Jesus a God or is He the God. I didn’t notice this and I asked these questions and they said it doesn’t matter. Just believe. That wasn’t good enough for me. That is why the very next lecture after this one is entitled ‘Who is God?’ because I have done that study and I’ve found out who God is.

Leaving the Church

After having asked these questions my wife and I decided that we’d leave the church because we were looking for God and we wanted to find the truth and we thought that the only way to do that would be to remove ourselves from the system and thereby we could objectively look into Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, [0:03:47] all of them next to each other and make objective decisions. We looked into all these religions and we saw you’ve got Allah, you’ve got Brahma, you’ve got Krishna, you’ve got Vishnu, you’ve got Sokagaya [0:04:00], you’ve got Jesus, you’ve got the [0:04:04] of the new age movement, you’ve got the Cosmic Christ and all of these guys are claiming to be God, so who is God? How do you know who God is? Are they all the same thing? When I was speaking to Hindus who were involved in meditation which we were doing at the time and they’d say they have various aspects of God and I said, but is it the same God as the Muslims? Yes it is the same God as Muslims. I said show me, prove it to me. This is what we were looking for. My wife and I were looking for the truth.

When we left the church because my family has got quite a high profile in that church, I wrote them a letter because it came as quite a shock. To leave the new apostolic church is a very big thing especially when you’ve got a high profile family. I wrote my family a letter trying to explain to them what we were doing. I said to them leaving the church was like growing up to see with only a small [0:05:03 rowing boat and two owls.] The boat represented our honest desire to find the truth, the owls represented our questions. Our questions would direct us while our desire for truth would keep us afloat. This was where we set out on. This is the journey that we set out on. We had two things in mind; we wanted to find the truth and while we were busy with that we wanted to help people. We felt that, that is the requirement of mankind to help your neighbor. Do unto your neighbor as you’d like done unto yourself. That is what we were looking for. Not knowingly at the time, my wife and I walked into the New Age Movement. We only realized we were in the New Age Movement once we left the New Age Movement but we didn’t realize that turning our back on the church we were actually turning our back on Jesus Christ because for us that was one and the same thing. There is a very big difference between Jesus and His church, a huge difference which we’ll understand today.

The Journey of Spiritual and Mental Enlightenment

At the time when we turned our back on the church I said ‘finished with all these Christ stuff’ and we walked out. We started on a journey of spiritual and mental enlightenment. We started on this journey of trying to find out more about what is known as metaphysical realm. When I speak about metaphysical I say we’re born in to a physical world, we are physical beings. You can feel with physical beings. The metaphysical side of it is this non-physical spiritual esoteric side. That is what intrigued us because of the immortality of the soul that the New Apostolic church believes in, that your soul doesn’t go to heaven it goes somewhere else. On the basis of this I wanted to find out where does this soul go? How does this work? Is there some interaction that we could have after death? I started reading self-help books. That was my line of interest. I wanted to help myself to create wealth, success, affluence and influence so that more money I had the more money I could give. That was the idea. That is one of the ideas given in the New Age Movement, also on affluence. The more you have the more you can give. It is a selfish selflessness if you like.

On this journey my wife and I met many amazingly what’s seen as enlightened people. These people are the gurus of the world. We were striving after wealth and influence and affluence and on this journey I decided I would go and study under the big names in the world. The big names like Antony Robins, John Kehoe, from Mind Power, this person that has come up with this idea of being able to create your future with the power of your mind and Edward Debono – Lateral Thinking, being able to think around your problems. I wrote this book – Personal Purpose which was self published and then put in to all the exclusive book stores nation wide throughout South Africa and I took this message of personal purpose into the world as the foundation of belief system which I was then marketing and how to find your life purpose and create this affluence for yourself, not only physical affluence but also joy and this overall contentment in life which people seem to be lacking. I believed that personal purpose was the answer.

I went on and spend time with people like John Kehoe. Here you can see an image of him as he greets the prisoners in South Africa. This is where we were working in the prisons. One of the things that was well marketed in the New Age Movement or in the self-help industry is that you’ve got to take the success recipes from some of these leading figures like Richard Branson or if you want to be a rock star you choose your rock star and you find out how they’ve done it. If you want to have the same success in your life you have to apply the same success recipes.

Studying on the Antony Robins and these people I realized that I could absorb their success recipes into my life but it couldn’t be some airy fairy philosophical type of thing. I had to base it on solid business principle as well. I went and spent time with Cyril Ramaphosa, listening to the man studying his career. If you don’t know who he is he is one of the biggest South African business men. I believe he will be running for the new presidential elections now in the next couple of months. I also spent time with Chris Stals finding out how he got to the position of being able to run the reserve bank in South Africa for so many years during South Africa darkest years – the apartheid era. I understood that if I could find out what these guys had done to get where they were I could apply that same

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idea into my life and I could create the same success like a bread recipe. If I have got the same oven as you, the same wheat as you, the same milk as you, the same whatever as you and I have the same temperatures I would get the same results. That is the idea. It doesn’t work like that but that is the idea that I thought of at the time. I went all the way to the top of these organizations. The biggest motivational speaker in the world is Antony Robins and then I went to the biggest person regarding mind power who is John Kehoe. I’d always try to get to the highest and most influential people to see how they did it. One of the guys who was my mentors at the time was Richard Branson. Here you can see Sir Richard Branson signing my book in one of the occasions where we spent some time together with him and also a very good friend of mine Grant Shuttleworth who is the brother of Mark Shuttleworth. You might know him from the African space heritage where he was the first African in space. I got involved in these circles so that I could absorb these things and I could create wealth for my self.

I had a problem though. I didn’t tell anybody about it. My wife knew but we were battling financially.  I knew that through the power of my mind my affirmations and my meditations I would be able to create the success for myself so I carried on pushing and pushing. I took this story of personal purpose out into the world into primary schools and into high schools. Here you can see a high school and there you can see a primary school. You can see all the little pupils where I was teaching them this idea of personal purpose, this self fulfillment and self enlightenment through self content. Everything was about self and being able to achieve this through the power of self as well. I was invited to speak at the South African Reserve bank to about three or four hundred top level management to bring across this message of personal purpose, how it can change and influence your life. Not only that, I received a call from the African Woman in Leadership Summit, 2005. I was quite surprised to receive a call from the African Woman in Leadership Summit because they invited me as a male to speak and to explain to the woman what the challenges are from a man’s perspective with this idea of a woman coming to the work place. I hadn’t gone for this type of opportunity, it came to me. I realized that through the power of my mind I was creating the success. Things were starting to finally move ahead and I was able to create these type of events where I could share this message about personal purpose. I spoke there and I also spoke at the MTN Science Center in Cape Town. Quietly back at home there was a problem. I still didn’t have much income. In fact the more effort I was putting in the less income I had. I didn’t understand it, my wife and I discussed it and she was trying on her side to assist where she could. She is not a business type person so she got involved in what she enjoys and that is healing. While I was getting involved in the esoteric side of the New Age Movement and slowly migrating towards the occult my wife was getting deeper and deeper involved in the esoteric type healing methods, crystal healings, angel cards etc which I will explain to you a little bit later in this lecture but also in the lecture entitled New Age Movement.

Financial Struggles

The more effort we were putting in and the more effort I was putting in as sometimes up to 21 hours a day the less income I had and I couldn’t understand it. I didn’t realize it at the time that there was a hand that was blocking my success and if I had been successful I don’t believe I would be doing these lectures today. I don’t believe I would be speaking to you about God and being able to do the very next lecture and show you how God showed Himself to be God. I am not talking about airy fairy read this and just belief, I am talking about science, mathematics that proves who God is. I will show you that in the next lecture.

I was doing everything right. This is what I believed. I was doing absolutely everything right. I was meeting the right people, I was involved with the right people, I was absorbing the right information, I was reading the right books, I was spending time with the right people but yet there was a problem. Somehow I just couldn’t get a financial breakthrough. I didn’t know what the problem was. I now realize that not everything that seems bad at the time comes from Satan and not everything that seems good at the time comes from God. There are times the Lord puts a blockage in your life to make you look for other options. The options I was looking for at the time were; I wanted to find the truth and I wanted to help others. The way to help others is to become affluent and make lots of money that you can really share this around. Finding the truth was a problem because I turned my back on Christ and I was out in to Buddhism and Hinduism and all these other religions but going up to that I didn’t realize that at the time was the esoteric cycles of these religions because each religion has got two levels. One hidden inside and one exposed for outside. I’ll show all of these ideas through the rest of my lectures. It is all available in these lectures.

My wife got involved in crystal healing and energy healing which is supposedly when you are able to channel healing energy through you to be able to release people from the illnesses. I did not only do it on people, I also did it for animals. My wife and I were quite heavily involved in that, my wife more than myself in crystal healings and energy healings. We got involved in angels as well because we realized that the angels are such untapped power in the world. These angels are a method by which God can communicate with us. This universal energy can communicate with us. These were the ideas that I was being taught at the time. Being involved in angels we also got involved in [0:06:29] and this idea that angels will help you predict your future. Now when I look back I realize that the one thing they don’t tell you is that there are two sets of angels. One that stays in heaven with God and another set of angels that fell out of heaven and landed on earth called demons. They’ve just changed their focus. They were angels, they are now demons but they masquerade as angels of light. The bible explains all of this and I’ll go into these details in the later lectures.

Help from a Witch

While we were involved in these esoteric things I had a problem that I had no finances and my wife had a problem. She had a lower back pain. We decided to go to a woman that I will now recognize as a white witch – Debbie down in [0:07:15] southern area of Cape of South Africa, almost right at the tip. This woman also did these healing channeling things on us. She was a guru as you’d like to call it and she realized that this blockage which I had and my wife had such a serious blockage that she had to call in the big guns. She was also working with angels and she called in angels bigger and more mighty. She even called them Michael at one time. This is not the real Michael, not the biblical Michael. These are all lies, these are deceptions. Eventually she said ‘I can’t get rid of your blockage. I will have to call in the biggest of all the angels and that his name is [0:08:00].

I will show you in the lectures, later on in the lectures who [0:08:05] but I will tell you now who it is and I will prove it to you in a later lecture. [0:08:09] is an alias for Lucifer. That is how you can identify which side of these angels you are working with. Are you working with God’s angels or Satan’s angels? We didn’t know that we were busy with Satan’s angels at the time because they lied just like Satan does and they make you sick and they make you healthy. This is why people think that this channeling is such a wonderful thing. Not even Satan could help relieve us from our blockages. Amazingly enough there is only one power greater than Satan in the universe and that is God and if He blocks your channels you are not going to get anything to unblock it unless it comes straight from the hand of God. That is what happened. Even [0:08:50] could not unblock these channels and release me from my financial burden. I decided if I will get involved in reincarnation because this idea would help me understand as you reincarnated in every lifetime you’ll be able to find out what the problems were in your previous lifetimes. Just stop for a moment and think about it. This is man trying to solve man’s problems. I didn’t know who God was. I was asking who God was. I was saying I want to find the truth and I want to help people. Now I was getting involved in the occult. I was getting so involved in the angels and in Satanic things that not only were they not able to help me but I had to go past them into the even darker things to find out what was happening. From reincarnation when my answers wouldn’t come through reincarnation and through hypnosis I went into transpersonal hypnotherapy. That is the idea that not only do you die and come back but that’s when you die and you go somewhere, your soul goes somewhere, and where it goes you can trace it and you can listen to the conversations that were had there before you come back into your body. These are deceptions from Satan himself but I had no other answers. I was searching for the truth. Please if you wonder why

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I am speaking about hypnosis or angels or these things I am not telling you this to get you involved in it or to encourage you, I am warning you that I have been there and you don’t have to go there. You do not want to have to go there. Let somebody like me who’s come out of that guide you towards this truth. Only Jesus can help you, that’s who God is. I will show you how He showed me. In the next lecture I will proof that He is God.

After having been involved in all of these things and transpersonal hypnotherapy where you open your mind and you don’t know what influence is impacting on your mind, when I got out of this not even that was able to unblock my financial challenges. At this time I was getting almost desperate. In discussions between me and my wife we made the decision that Christ was no longer needed in our lives. In fact I would almost use the word ‘hated Him’ because He was deceiving so many, millions and millions of people world wide to believe in this one stupid book called the bible. We did not want anything to do with that because … look at my book shelve. I’ve got hundreds of these wonderful enlightening books and you want to come and tell me now that I must believe in one little book and everything is in there? Don’t be stupid. Once my wife and realized this Christ thing is a big [0:01:36]. He is actually one of the other gods. We decided to disassociate ourselves from anything to do with Christ. In fact my wife and I were going to change our will that if we were to die neither my parents nor my wife’s parents were able to burry us out of any Christian church or association. That is how much we hated Christ.

The TV Show

As we made that decision the doors went open. Not financially yet but I was pushed into a corner with Nolin who the South Africans would recognize as South Africa’s Oprah. She runs a talk show on national TV called SABC3 talk and there I was pushed into a corner and I started to discuss with her all these esoteric things and how the metaphysical world works and your personal purpose etc. She got so exited about it. She took my book which I gave her a copy. A couple of weeks later she phoned me and said ‘I want to do a whole show called Finding and Living your Life Purpose. Would you please come and be one of the guests on our show?’ I thought ‘wow! This mind power stuff really works. These affirmations really work. Finally I was starting to recognize that this channeling, this energy into the future actually really works. Those of you that are involved in the New Age will hear my language. I am speaking very New Age language to speak to those that understand what I’m speaking about. It is from there that God called us out. There is deep deception of Satan that we were called out.

Nolin invited me on TV. As I was ushered on stage as you can see from this image I was put in the middle. If you understand what that means on television nothing happens by chance. Everything is planned. Sitting in the middle you automatically realize that you are the man in the middle. You are the guy in charge. I looked at my right and I saw Merlyn – a friend of mine who is a friend now. He is a Christian. On my left is the lady that runs the Metaphysical Institute of South Africa. You might not think that to be amazing but from my perspective I had created through the power of my mind this opportunity to be on stage. Just as it happens I get lumbered with this stupid Christian and I get together with somebody who is more enlightened than the Christian who is involved in this nonphysical metaphysical world. I realized ‘wow, I must be the bridge. I’m the gate between these esoteric people and these Christians. I must build the bridge. That is my role. I had created this opportunity through the power of my mind. Not only did I have a Christian next to me on stage which was frustrating the very first phone call I ever get on national television, guess who phoned me… a Christian. Mitchell phones from Durban and she says ‘excuse me Nolin. I don’t quite understand all these purpose stuff that you guys are speaking about.’ She says ‘my bible says that we are created in the image of the creator and we are created for the purpose of the pleasure of the creator and she quotes texts after texts.’ I thought to myself ‘wow. You are so deceived. ‘My bible says’ everything is ‘my bible’. I thought ‘man! I will tear you to pieces.’ I thought all over silently inside myself outwardly having this composure. Then the camera panned across so we went on Ad brake, I can’t remember. I said ‘Nolin, I want to answer this one.’ When we came back from the Ad brake whatever happened, the camera panned to Nolin and she said ‘Mark you wanted to say something.’ The camera came on me and I said ‘yes I would like to answer Mitchell. Mitchell, think about this for a moment.’

I just want to pull out the handbrake on this lecture and I want to tell you something. Sometimes the New Agers know more about the bible than you know yourself. Sometimes they will be able to use your information to twist your information around so subtly that it will confuse you right to the core. I drop the handbrake now.

I said ‘Mitchell, just consider this for a moment. You say ‘my bible says that we are created in the image of the creator. Think about this for a moment.’ I want to ask you now as well if you are watching this DVD. If you are created in the image of t-cup, what would you be? You’ll be a t-cup. So if you are created in the image of the creator what would you be? You’ll be the creator. Wouldn’t you? Therefore and I said on national TV as you can see by this image ‘I am the creator. Through the power of my mind I’ve been able to create this situation. I’m not sitting on national TV being able to tell you about what I have done, what I have done through the power of self. With my own power I have been able to create this opportunity. I am the creator. You are the creator. I didn’t realize at the time that this is pantheism. This is God in each of us. This is the idea that God is in me, God is in you, God is in the chair, God is in the camera, God is in the clouds, God is in the trees. This is pantheism. It comes from ancient times, from the days when [0:07:10] touched everything and it turned to gold who worshiped the god pan. I will get into that in the later lectures as well. Here on national TV ‘certainly I tell you I’m the creator. Interestingly enough I turned around and said to her ‘excuse me. Just think about the garden of Eden for a moment.’ I am asking you now to think about the Garden of Eden. What happened there, there were three lies. First Satan said to Eve ‘Did God really say that? Is He so horrible that He is not letting you eat of all the trees? Is He hiding something from you?’ He creates doubt.

The second thing Satan did in the Garden of Eden, he says ‘You aint die. God is lying to you.’ Then he puts in the third lie and that is when he twists the thing in to his own direction. He says, not only will you not die you will become as gods. On national TV I said to her, ‘are you sure you’ve read your bible properly?’ one, I created an insecurity. Then I said ‘are we created in the image of the creator? If we were what we’ll we be?’ then number three I put in my own doctrine. I said ‘we are created in the image of the creator. Therefore we are the creator.’ I pray somehow that, that lady Mitchell from Durban will be able to get this DVDs and be able to realize that the Lord has called me out of this deception. Even on national TV I had the arrogance to say that I was the creator. When I went home I still couldn’t put petrol in my car. The more effort I was putting in the less income I had. There was a blockage in my life that not even [0:08:50] himself could release. Something was going on and yet as I was battling with ‘how do I overcome this problem’ and discussing it with my wife and she is helping with crystal healing and trying to unblock my channels and we are asking the angels for help and we are meditating and all these rubbish things yet as all of these is going on and we are battling to find food at home Career Success magazine launches this article. They say ‘who wants to be a millionaire?’ then they refer to Mark Woodman. I laugh every time I see this thing. Actually it’s very sad and that is the problem. You don’t know what you are reading because you don’t know what is going on in this surface. That is why there is only one God, because there is only one individual in the universe that can see under the surface, that can see into your thoughts, can see into your emotions, into the pain that is in your heart at the moment. There is only person and that is God. Here outwardly I was wearing suits on national TV and I was this big [0:09:58], I was the creator of the universe, I was the creator of my own little universe and yet I had nothing. Career Success looks outwardly and they say how to become …

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Would you like to be a millionaire? Ask Mark Woodman how it is done. This is pathetic, absolutely pathetic.


Then came a day when I had to start wondering what is really going on. If you’ve been with Richard Branson and with the Shuttleworth family, if you’ve been with Antony Robins and Chris Stals and Cyril Ramaphosa and all the big names around the world, if you are studying Ellen Cole and Deepak [0:00:37] and all of these, Dr. Wayne [0:00:39], all of these names trying to absorb their understanding, reading the [0:00:43] about Think and grow Rich and how to think and create this, if you are doing absolutely everything right and yet you still have not a little but of success, [0:00:55] nothing then you’ll wonder to yourself what is going on? Somewhere there must be a blockage and this blockage is bigger than what I can deal with on my own. At half past three one Saturday morning I got out of bed and I was crying bitterly. I’d gone to bed that evening before with my wife and I was very worried because there was no food for that Saturday morning. Nobody knew this.

I woke up – I didn’t actually sleep, I was rolling around the whole night – at half past three and I decided now I will get up. I walked down the passage. It was cold and went and sat in the lounge. All the lights were off and I sat on the bench and I thought about it. I will bring up this graphic so that you can see. This is my success summery. After two or more years working at the top level, this was my success summery. I was four months behind on my car repayments. I was five months behind on my bond repayments. I was a year behind on my electricity repayments. I had absolutely no medical aid, there was no income into our home at all and my wife was eight months pregnant. Can you imagine the trouble I was in? I am the creator, I can create the success for myself and yet I’m sitting in the dark, a year behind in the electricity, four months on my car, five months behind on my bond and I’ve got no medical aid and my wife is eight months pregnant. The reason I was crying and I had this emotional trauma was … and those of you that have experienced this, husbands you know what I am talking about and wives you know especially is when you are pregnant you don’t need food, you need nourishment. You don’t want bread and milk, you need nourishment for the baby. I didn’t even have an egg, I didn’t even have milk, I didn’t even have bread there was nothing in our fridge. I didn’t know what we’d have for breakfast that morning. I don’t know what we had for breakfast but we had breakfast. What happened there is that I sat down on this bench and I realized I had done everything that I could in my power. Another email wouldn’t have made a difference. Another letter wouldn’t have made a difference. Another phone call wouldn’t have made a difference. I had done everything. If I had done so much and I had nothing then I knew that it would never happen.

A Prayer to God

That morning half past three that Saturday morning I climbed off the bench and I fell on my knees. I knelt down and I realized that if I wasn’t able to create any success after everything that I’d done then there must be a higher power in the universe that can help me but I was tired. I was absolutely exhausted from years of trying and trying, and trying to keep this image that everything is going fine. I was absolutely exhausted and I felt down on my knees. I didn’t know how to pray anymore. I said, ‘hallow!’ it is not how you pray that matters, it is that you pray that matters. I knelt down and I said ‘hallow, I don’t know who you are. I don’t actually care who you are. I don’t care if you are Allah or Shiva or Brahma or Vishnu or Krishna or [0:04:32] or Jesus or Lucifer, I actually don’t care. I am tired. But I want one of you to come through. I know there must be one of you that is more powerful than all the others. I have done everything that I can in my power to create this success and it is not working. Today I am giving everything I have over to you. I don’t know who you are but I want you to identify yourself and I want you to help me. Show me how to get out of this mess. There is no breakfast.’ I got up off the floor and I sat back on the couch and I looked around me because I was expecting the doors to blow open and lightning to come shooting through the door and frazzle me and throw me to a corner. I sat back on the couch and it was just nothing, absolute silence. I thought ‘aah, I got better.’ I said that is absolutely typical of you. The time that I really need you, this God-person or whoever you are, the time that I say ‘please come and help me’ you just drop me like a hot potato. I had nothing to give my wife who is eight months pregnant for breakfast.

What happened was after that I was expecting a physical realization of a spiritual manifestation, that is the problem. Today the world wants in the physical world to realize what is happening in the spiritual world. That day God’s hand really came into my life more powerfully that ever before but it wasn’t in the way that I thought it would be. God never does that and He lays His truth in front of you and He allows you to make a decision. He is not going to drag you out of something so that you’ll now accept Him that He is God, no He won’t do that. He’ll lay the truth in front of you and He will never take it away. He’ll lay it down in front of you day after day. Whether you accept it or not that is the point. Remember I was looking for the truth and I wanted to help people. That is all I wanted. As I started to hear this call from the Lord I heard Revelation 18.

Revelation 18:4  And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

I thought ‘what does this mean? What does it mean to come out? Come out of what? After that morning certain miracles started to take place. I would go and check in the car to see if there is any money, maybe a five rand coin or something lying around that I could use to buy bread and there’d be nothing. I’d go back in the house and I go back to the car just to make sure if maybe I skipped something somewhere and I’d find a twenty rand note lying in the back seat. These little miracles started to happen but it was not done under the duress of saying ‘I am God and here is my proof and I want to assure you that are going to live in accordance with it.’ No, God doesn’t work like that. He puts it softly in front of you. These scores started to eat away at my heart. ‘Come out of what? What do you mean come out of her? What ‘her’? I realized that also Hebrews 4:12

Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God [is] … a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.

What was my intention? I wanted to find the truth and I wanted to help people. Here the bible, this stupid book that I had now opened for the first time after having used it as a car jack, I opened it and I read that God knows my thoughts. Can you imagine if He knew what I was thinking? Not only that He knows the intents, does He know that I want to do good? That is amazing. Then I read what Psalms 94:11 says;

Psalms 94:11 The LORD knoweth the thoughts of man,

Wow! So He knows what is going on! I started to study this and I went through DVDs just like the ones that you have got in front of you at the moment. Somebody had given me a set of these DVDs which I had taken and because he was a Christian I took it for his sake not to offend him and I put them at the back. In these DVDs was the truth which I’m laying out in these 21 lectures. I will lay out the same but on different angle these truths which brought me out of this. Come out of her, my people, it says. It is calling out of the deceptions. There is a problem in the world at the moment. There is a silent war on which is so well planned and so well executed that hardly anyone knows it is happening. It is a war on deception. It is a war that continues the war that started in heaven. Many people don’t even know that there was war in heaven. Can you imagine war in heaven? Heaven is a beautiful place. It wasn’t, there was war in heaven.

Revelation 12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon; and the dragon fought and his angels,

12:8     And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
12:9     And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth       the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

What! You mean there are angels that are making as if they aren’t because it says he deceiveth the whole world? I don’t know if I’m dealing with the right set of angels. I spoke to my wife and said you’ve got to stop this angel stuff until we know which angels we’re dealing with. We’ve got to stop this. I read about Michael fighting with his angels against dragon and asked who is Michael? Then I realized that the word Michael means he who is what God is, the arch angel, the messenger from

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On high, the only one that can fight Satan for the control of Moses’ body, who is the only one in the universe who can fight for control of every body is Jesus Christ. Michael being he who is who God is, Michael, Jesus fighting against the dragon and the angels are fighting, they fall out of heaven. This war continues on earth today but it is a war of deception. This war is so disgusting that today, just take an example of an ATM, where you go and withdraw money. You walk to the ATM, it looks like an ATM, you press the buttons, it sounds like an ATM, it feels like an ATM, everything looks right. You put your card in and you want to withdraw your money you get taken. That’s deception. When people say to me ‘I am not deceived’ I say that exactly how deceived people think. I didn’t know I was deceived. You don’t know you are asleep until you wake up. When you go to sleep after watching this DVD tonight you won’t know you are asleep until you wake up. If it is 1 o’clock in the morning you’ll say ‘oh, I fell asleep. Otherwise you’d never have an accident on a car because of fatigue because people would say ‘oh, I will fall asleep. You don’t know when you fall asleep, that is the problem with deception. You don’t know when you are deceived until you come out of deception and it is the media that is being used to destroy and to disseminate the lies into all mankind. Satan is trying to destroy the accuracy of the bible. I remember reading this article from Guardian Unlimited where they say Jesus wasn’t walking on water, He was walking on thin ice. This is now proven supposedly. The scientists have proven that Jesus isn’t really God, He couldn’t walk on water it was actually thin ice. Interestingly that He was walking bare foot though, it must have been really cold.

Fox news tells us that Jesus wasn’t really God because Jesus had to ask Judas to betray Him in order to fulfill prophecy. He wasn’t truly God. Not only that, the Davinci Code, we’ve all heard about this, it says Jesus wasn’t really God because He had children with a prostitute and those children are today the kings and the queens of the world, what is called the [0:02:28] blood line, the blood line of the monarchy. Then there is another one that says the creator isn’t really the creator. He does go boom and it exists. We’ve evolved from the apes. This graphic done here is our great, great, great grand father. This is the problem. My question was because in this New Apostolic Church which believed in evolution. We even had a statement saying that evolution fits in to the creation story. I have a whole lecture on the creation versus evolution. It is called sun versus sun, the evolution debate. You’ll have a look at it and you’ll see what I mean. This is a war about deception and if you can destroy the accuracy of the bible then you destroy the authority of the bible and that is what Satan is trying to do. If I can get people to question  Genesis 1:1, in the beginning God created … no that is not accurate, in the beginning God used. If I can get them to question one area of the bible and I said to them, ‘if Genesis 1 isn’t accurate then how do I know the virgin birth is valid? What about John the Baptist, did he exist? Daniel in the lions’ den, Noah’s flood, how do I know what to believe and what not to believe? Did the Apostles really do what they said they did? This is the problem; it is a war on accuracy which is undermining the authority. Today because of that just like the Zephaniah 3:2 explains;

Zephaniah 3:2  She obeyed not the voice; she received not correction; she trusted not in the LORD; she drew not near to her God.


Time magazine can put on this front of their cover – Is God dead? They ask these questions and today we just have to look back in history and see September 11th – this day that changed the world, a day that will be recognized for ever as something [0:04:25] that happened which has forever changed the lay out of how we see our fellow man. Not only that, we look around and we see new historic weather patterns that are taking place. We see Time magazine again saying the bible and the apocalypse. Why more Americans are reading and talking about the end of the world, here we go the end of the world. Is it something real? Are we going to evolve into a new level of comma or is it really going to go boom! This can’t be. We’ll be going on a journey on these lectures. It is a three part journey. First I will give you a biblical foundation, the first four lectures, and then I will give you the background information uncovering these deceptions, getting you to wake up. I will walk over to your bed like you walk over to your child and say ‘wake up, wake up.’ We’ll be doing that. Then we’ll be taking all of these staff and putting it in context. The first four lectures, biblical foundations, the next set of lectures right up to number 17 is uncovering the background of deceptions and 18 to 22 is landing back on the word of God and saying ‘how do we put into place all of these staff that we’ve now recognized? The question is, Is it the end of the world? Does that thought of idea even exist? We’ll be continuing this and discussing it in part 2.

[Part 6 of10]

Is it the end of the world?

This is the question that we’ve asked in the previous half of this lecture. This is the question that has been asked by many people all over the world. Let’s do an analysis on this question.  You’ll notice that throughout the lectures that we don’t just take this from a biblical perspective. We say ‘what does the bible say and let’s check extra biblically what does the world say? What does the history tell us and what do the secular sources also tell us? This time I will be turning it upside down. We are going to say what does the world say about the end of the world? Then we’ll check what the bible says about the end of the world. Here is an interesting book by Eugene Linden. It is called The Future in Plain Sight: Nine clues to the coming instability, interesting. Here secular world writer, non-biblical writer writes about nine clues to the coming instability. So, something is coming and it will cause instability. He speaks about massive global instability. Can you imagine that? He knows that something is about to take place. Let’s find out what those nine clues are.

  1. 1.      The Collapse of the Global Economy

He says the signs are clearly visible that something is about to take place. We’ll cover a lecture about the new world order and you can also realize that just looking into the American economy you can see it’s always tittering on a cliff edge. Make sure when it’s going to go over the edge. There are reasons for that. He says the collapse of the global economy; this is a one big indicator.

  1. 2.      The Migration of the Poor to the Cities

Statistically if you look at that you can see that the number of cities that has increased for over a million people and more has doubled in the last couple of years. There is a huge migration of the poor people in to the cities.

  1. 3.      Population Explosion – Both Urban and Rural

Something is going on. The population is just exploding.

  1. 4.      Global Warming

This weird thing that’s happening to earth, we are not quite sure. Some people say it’s normal, cycles are taking place. Other people say this is the first time that it is this dramatic this quickly. He says that this is one of the keys to this problem.

  1. 5.      Economic Disparity between the Rich and the Poor

This is now Bill Gates versus the people in the rural settlement and the people on the ground, actually between you and me as well, probably. I read an article about Bill Gates – I can’t remember the exact figure but was something stupendous. I think in his personal capacity is valued at the same as the forty six of the poorest countries in the world, call it forty countries. He in his own capacity is valued at over forty countries, the same values, unbelievable. The disparity between rich and poor, people like Warren Buffet, that is one of the major signs.

  1. 6.      The Collapse of Bio-echo Systems and Environmental Concerns

You just have to look around to see that that is happening. There are certain signs of thousands and thousands of species that are going extinct every year.

  1. 7.      Water and Food Shortages

Remember these are outside the bible. He says water and food shortages in the world are a warning. There is a sign telling us be careful something is about to change. Something global, massive global instability is coming, here at nine identifying clues.

  1. 8.      Infectious Diseases and the Resurgence of them and the Resilience

What does that mean? Infectious diseases are infectious diseases but the resurgence means the coming back of these things, coming back with a vengeance and their resilience meaning that normal drugs which we’ve used just can’t work any more. They just don’t work. You can’t get rid of some of these strains of these various flues and whatever we have. The resurgence of illnesses and the resilience, things are getting worse.

  1. 9.      Radical Fundamentalism in Religion

That is an interesting topic because you have this being marketed around especially regarding Islam one of the big problems in the world. There is a problem with fundamentalism. The word is ambiguous because fundamentalism doesn’t mean you have to blow up people. It just means you believe on certain things and as you’ll find in these lectures fundamental principles become a problem. Have a look at this fundamentalist with me. See what he said in February 23, 1998.

To kill the Americans and their allies, civilians and military is an individual duty for every Muslim who can do it in any country in which is possible to do it.

Radical fundamentalism, I have never seen this before in the world. Not only is it just one man saying it, there are garrisons that are being opened up. Look at this article. This is from the 22nd July 2005. Iran opens a garrison to recruit suicide bombers against the west. It is called the Lovers of Martyrdom garrison. Can you imagine that?

There is another article. Iran honest suicide bomber who killed 241 Americans in Beirut. They honor him; This is a wonderful thing, you’ve done the nation proud.

Worldnet Daily: The boy’s father, 54-year-old Hassan Hotari … says he is very happy and proud of what my son did and frankly I’m a bit jealous. I wish I had done it. My son has fulfilled Prophet’s (Mohamed’s) wishes. He has become a hero! Tell me, what more could a father ask?

That is what the world says. This is the problem. These are nine clues for us to see something is about to happen. We look in to Revelation, the very last book of the bible and you have a look at the chapters throughout Revelation in this last book of the bible. Throughout it is permeated with this calling ‘I am coming quickly’.

Revelation 3:11 Behold, I come quickly:

Revelation 22:7 Behold, I come quickly:

Revelation 22:12 And, behold, I come quickly;

Revelation 22:20 …Surely I come quickly.

It is a revelation of Jesus Christ. Who is coming? It looks like Jesus Christ. Behold, I am coming quickly, surely I am coming quickly.

Do you think Jesus wasn’t an intelligent man if He even existed? I pretty much think He was. He did some interesting things and He was able to keep people transfixed with the words that He was using. He must have been of intellectual capacity. If an intellectual man tells you he’s coming back, ‘I am coming to fetch you, I am coming to fetch you.’ Do you think there is a possibility that he’ll tell you what to look for before he comes? Any intellectual individual will say ‘I want you to catch the 10:30 bus from platform 3.’ What does that mean? It means that you have to find the station so you have to have a sign find this station then you have to find the platform and then you have to check the time. These are signs that indicate to us that something will happen. If Jesus says I’m coming back, I want you to catch the 10:30 bus He has to give us signs to tell us what to look for. Is it platform 3, because if we’re standing on platform 2 we won’t catch the bus or if we get there at 11 and the bus is already gone we had the wrong time.

Revelation 16:15 … Blessed [is] he that watcheth,…

Watcheth for what? This is the question. If Jesus is coming back then He will say to us these are the things I need you to watch for. Remember it’s 10:30, it is platform 3 at station so and so. This is not one place that He says this. He says it in Mathew 24:42;

Mathew 24:42 Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.

This day is supposed to take mankind as the thief in the night. It will be boom! and it happens out of the blue. It will be a surprise to most people. 1 Thessalonians 5:46 Paul’s writing and he says to the people it doesn’t have to take you by surprise because if you understand how to watch for signs then you will know that this is coming.

1 Thessalonians 5:4 But ye, brethren, are not in darkness, that that day should overtake you as a thief.

5:4 Therefore let us not sleep, as [do] others; but let us watch and be sober.

[Part 7 of 10]

Keep your eye on the watch. Watch the various things that I will be telling and be ready because the bus will come. People will think you are mad because you are waiting for certain things. You can see where you are in the stream of time but it doesn’t have to take this. The coming of the Lord doesn’t have to take you by surprise even as it will take the world by surprise.

1 Peter 4:7 But the end of all things is at hand: be ye therefore sober, and watch unto prayer.

Watch for what? Can you please tell us Lord? Watch for what? The whole creation is groaning in the pain of [0:00:45]. I just want to stop here and speak to the smart Elix because you’ve always had this smart Elix that says ‘they said 150 years ago that God was coming, they said 2,000 years ago that God was coming, they said 50 years ago that God’ coming, where is your God? Just stop for a second and to the smart Elix, this is to you; the bible speaks about the world being as a woman in labor. If you’ve ever been around a woman that is in labor there are certain characteristics that you’ll notice. Firstly it is not a fun place to be especially if you are a woman. Secondly there is something that happens, it is called the contractions. These contractions become more and more intensive. The intensity increases and as they increase so does the gap between them decrease. You might have a contraction then a couple of minutes later a contraction and another contraction a couple of minutes later. All of a sudden the contractions get bigger and they come together. The bible is warning, don’t worry about earthquakes and certain things. The world says ‘don’t worry about it, we’ve always had earthquakes – true. But let us look at the frequency and the intensity of each one of these happenings. Not only that Romans 8 explains about this groaning and this pain.

Romans 8:22 For we know that the whole creation groaneth and travaileth in pain together until now.

The entire creation is groaning under the pain of [0:02:26]

In Mathew 24:3,4 the disciples come to Jesus and ask Him ‘Lord, tell us now. You’re speaking about the end of the world, give us an indication. What must we look for?’ amazingly enough, I will want you to read this passage. Read what it says. Amazingly enough He doesn’t go to list of items. The very first thing that He says is very important.

Mathew 24:3 …. The disciples came unto him privately saying; tell us, when shall these things be? And what shall be the sign of thy coming and of the end of the world?

What must we look for Lord? Tell us, must it be leprosy, will there be clouds, certain shapes, what must we look for?  You know what the Lord says? A very interesting thing; He doesn’t say look for signs, look for this. The very first thing He says before He gets into all the signs is;

Mathew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them; take heed that no man deceive you.

Wow! If I was to ask you what car do you drive? You won’t say to me ‘well, when I was learning to drive I drove a Volks Wagon and after that I drove a Volks [0:03:53], after that I drove a BMW, I drove three Mercedes and now I’m driving a Peugeot. No, you’ll say ‘what car do you drive?’ ‘I drive a Peugeot.’ Isn’t that interesting? Lord, what will be the sign of your coming? Tell us. This critical question is what the disciples asked Him. I think this is an important question. When the disciples come to God and they say to Him, ‘tell us what we must look for’. The very first thing He says someone will try and deceive you, be careful. Don’t believe everything that comes across your path. Check whether it is in the word of God. Deception is the first main thing and that is why this whole lecture series we’ll be uncovering these deceptions. After that He says besides deceptions look for this and look for that and look for the following three things etc.

Signs of the Lord’s Coming

False Prophets

Mathew 24:4 for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and shall deceive many.

24:11 And many false prophets shall rise, and shall deceive many.

24:24 For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders;

Here is an indication that we’re getting towards the end. False Christs, false prophets, false people that are speaking in the name of Christ but aren’t truly in line with the truth of Christ. Some of these examples that we’ve seen not too long ago;

Jim Jones – He is a former Baptist preacher. He is endorsed by Mandela and President Jimmy Carter. He founded the American temple’s cult. In November 18th 1978 Jones was found dead from a gun shot wound to the head. Among the 914 copses there, where the members committed mass suicide by drinking poison. Can you imagine that? American People’s Temple, that was known as Godly place to be and then the fruits showed who was really behind this. This wasn’t Jesus Christ. False prophets and false Christs shall arise and deceive many.

David Koresh – He said ‘I am the Lamb, I am Jesus Christ. I have come to save the world.’ By saying I am the lamb he was a self-proclaimed leader of the Branch Davidians Millennial cult, believing himself to be the Messiah.

The tremendous tragedy that happened in Waco – his name was death and hell followed with him; it says in Revelation 6:8 on the Times magazine. Wikipedia says a raid by the FBI ended with the burning Branch Davidian ranch causing the death of Koresh and most of his followers. Incredible!

Marshall Applewhite – In March ’97 he was the founder of Heaven’s Gate. The cult’s violent end coinciding with the appearance of Comet Hale-Bopp. Applewhite convinced his 38 followers to commit suicide so that their souls could take a ride on a space ship that they believed was hiding behind this comet Hale-Bopp.

It sounds so silly today but it is so believable. There are people who committed suicide that their souls could take a ride on a space ship behind a comet. False Christs and false prophets shall arise and shall deceive many.

What about today are there any that are around today? There are many. Here is just one of them.

Dr. Jose Louise De’ Jesus Merands – This guy is known as a Christ Jesus he says. His name is Dr. Jose Louise De’ Jesus Merands. He is coming to the United States. The king of kings the lord of lords has arrived in America. He’s got 300 TVs and radio programmes, 300 plus faithful pastors, 350 education centers. Supposedly this man is sent by God. What is he teaching? He is teaching the world that sin no longer exists and that we are dead unto sin, also that there is no devil as it was destroyed 2, 000 ago. This is very dangerous ground.

His website says ‘For there is one God and one mediator between God and man – the man Christ Jesus.’ He is claiming to be Jesus. That was a while ago. When you go back to his website you see that he’s even changed his name to anti-Christ. He now calls himself anti-Christ and he has 666. Look at the front of his website. It says music SSS, we present to the nations 666news.com. Not only that he explains in his article from CBS4;

Man who says he is Jesus says he is the anti-Christ. Here is the image of the members having the 666 tattooed into their bodies. Unbelievable, can you imagine how convinced you must be to have 666 tattooed into your body? This man has now changed the anti-Christ into something good. He says it is not the bad guy that is in a position to Christ, it’s another Christ coming as Jesus Christ. Anti means another Christ, so he is another Christ.

Time magazine had an article on him recently on 9th of May 2007 says; a different Jesus to believe in?

Jose Louise De’ Jesus Miranda head of the Growing and Grace International Ministry waits to enter the main hall of his congregation in Miami. Look at what is on his chest – 666. This is brand new, 9th of May. It says in his article; By his own account the former heroine addict and thief; he is still imbibes hard liquor and he surrounds himself with beautiful women despite being married. He wears an $11,000 Rolex and drives a BMW and says that for members of his Miami based congregation movement there is no such thing as sin. Over the years his religious persona has continually evolved. You see? There is a problem. Having once claimed to be John the Baptist then Jesus Christ and now most recently his title is

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anti-Christ. Where is this guy going? He is pulling his thousands and thousands of people with him. They are falling to the same lies they did in the Garden of Eden. What happened in the Garden of Eden? Satan came to Eve and said ‘you will not really die, you’ll become as gods.’ And she saw that the fruit was good for food and her eyes deceived her into doing something that you’d otherwise wouldn’t have done. These people are being deceived into stuff that doesn’t make sense.

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Mathew 24:6 And ye shall hear of wars and rumors of wars

This is a sign according to Christ of what we must look for towards the end of the world, wars and rumors of wars. Remember it’s not just one separately it is all of these together and the frequency and the intensity of them is increasing.

It says on Yale’s website; “… the world survived the 20th century which was the bloodiest ever in all human history” – Bill Clinton

Can you imagine the 20th century the bloodiest ever?

It was the bloodiest [century] in all history. More than 170 million people were killed by governments with ten million people being killed in World War I and fifty million people being killed in World War II. – Budwing von Mises Institute.

This has never happened before. In one century 170 million people have died.

Times magazine: In the Shadow of the Bomb. There is always this looming problem of nuclear war. It’s always just over the horizons, it never peeps up but it’s there. We know there is a problem and you just have to do a little of basic research. I am not doing anything fancy I am just taking basic research. You’ll see the United States are said to have had as high as 9,960 active war heads. Russia having 16,000, the U.K, France, china, India, Pakistan, North Korea and even Israel.

The Sunday Times had this article – Revealed: the secrets of Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

There is stuff going on. There will be wars and there will be rumors of wars. There will be one sign on top of the false prophets and then at the same time sign number 3 which we are getting to just now. On top of it sign number 4. Regarding these wars and rumors of wars current military statistics are astounding. Do you know that the Pentagon in America, their military budget equals half of the world’s defense spending? Of all the other countries in the world, that little dot there in Washington equals half of the worlds defense spending. That becomes very prominent in later lectures when we get to an image to the beast etc. not only that the U.S military spending according to space war is U.S $650 billion a year or more they say. The war in Iraq alone has caused $436, billion, unbelievable. This was only at 20th June 2007. $436 billion was spent on one war. Put that one now on top of sign 1 and 2, we put now sign 3, 4 and 5.

         Famines, Pestilences and Earthquakes

This is the Lord speaking. He says there shall be famines, pestilences and earthquakes in diverse places. This image of this child with his distended body, it is very sad. Sudan, why is this happening again? What is going on? Something is going on. This image shows a man walking over cracks of drought stricken Rawal Lake in Islamabad, Pakistan. There will be famines, there will be pestilences etc. not famine alone, have a look this one; growing deserts are global problems. Something is happening, the deserts are growing.

Massive wild brush fire – this is a satellite image looking down on to the earth. Look at this smoke going over the earth. This is unbelievable. Not only that, from NASA themselves showing these statistics and these images of what is going on. You can see what is called the global mean surface temperature that is increasing. As of 1880 you can see from about -2 it is climbing up to 2000. All of a sudden about 1970 it starts to climb up. Where are we now? Where are we going? Is this global warming really real? And if it is why are they promoting it so wildly? And if it isn’t why are they promoting it so wildly? What is going on? There is something going on. These are statistics alone. Wyoming University has got this growth and it says there is definitely something different about it. Since 1940+ there was something that happened and then 1980 onwards something changed. What about the United Nations? The same sort of growth, something changed about 40, 50, 60, 70 years ago, things have started to change.

Sign number 3 on top of 1 and 2.

Let us put 4 on top of it.


These are illnesses and sicknesses. What about HIV and AIDS? I will not go into all of them. We know how much HIV is impacting our lives. You’ve got people like Nelson Mandela that are having these big concerts for HIV. You’ve got billions of dollars being poured in because they don’t know how to stop this.

This article says; Join us, be the generation that ends AIDS.

The people with that is people are dying like flies. This article explains that the people living with HIV and AIDS in 2006 are estimated at around 39.5 million people world wide. It could be even as high as 47 million people world wide living with the dreaded disease. It is not only that they say that 4.5 million people in this year or last year got infected. How many a day is that? What about the AIDS deaths in 2006? There were almost 3 million people that died of AIDS. Here is a graph to show you the impact of Africa versus the rest of the world. Just look at Africa. Unbelievable to see that the 63% of the world’s AIDS problem lies in Africa. The sub-Saharan Africa has 24.7 million adults and children living with AIDS. There is a huge problem. Remember what Eugene Linon said? Not only the resurgence but also the resilience. Here is this new TB. I don’t know if you’ve heard about it? XDR TB – Extremely Drug Resistant Tuberculosis. The New York Times says that this untreatable strains of tuberculosis is to be studied.

It says in Detroit press that; the untreatable TB is called a death sentence. I have just left South Africa, and they’ve just sent a whole bunch of people home because they can’t do anything for them. The hospitals don’t know what to do, they’ve given them TB drugs, it doesn’t work. They say you are keeping up the beds, we can’t keep you here for ever and they’ve sent them with that XDR TB back into the community. The people that work with us their very family have got this problem. These strains are coming to the world like it’s never been seen before. Not only that, we’ve got [0:08:20] disease. This one says bird flue fears even for pets. How much have we seen with mad cow disease and bird flue? Yesterday morning the news on the radio and the TVs said that there is a gyna problem with foot and mouth disease and it seems even possible mad cow disease. They are now trying to block all the meat to make sure that between the U.K and Australia that the meat is secure because they don’t want this foot and mouth disease to come across. This resilience and resurgence puts sign number 4 on top of 1, 2, 3. Then put number 5 on top.


The Lord says there will be earthquakes in diverse places. When you discuss this one topic with smart Elix they say, there has always been earth quakes and it is the number of senses that we have that we can measure that is increasing. That is why we can now measure that there are more earthquakes around the world than what there used to be. Not that there is really more earthquakes it is that we can measure them more. Again you’ve got to put it all together. The bible is an amazing thing. You’ve got to put this whole row of information together. I decided that I will not go check what is the increase in earthquakes in the last couple of years. I said let me test, how many days have gone past between the world’s worst earthquakes? Let’s go right back in history to the 1800s and we’ll check the world’s worst earthquakes. What is the day ratio between them? Is it decreasing or increasing? What is going on? That way we’ll see whether the big ones that take place, whether their frequency is increasing. In other words they are coming like a woman in labor

[Part 9 of 10]

Amazingly enough have a look at this graph. This is from the USGS statistics which have been taken from the U.S. You can see from 1898-2006 a dramatic decline in the number of days between earthquakes. There is definitely a change in something to do with earthquakes. Not only that let’s turn around and study the number of people killed. If these are the worst earthquakes in the world how many people have been killed. This is the same graph, just a difference of where I’m looking at it, 1898-2006. There is a dramatic increase in number of people killed. In 2004 alone an estimated deaths according to the USGS is 284,000 people were killed in 2004 alone. This message of earthquakes is becoming loud and clear if you are willing to look at it. Not just on its own, put that now on top and now you will have 2, 3, 4, 5 all at the same time.

What about number six?

          Destructive Weather Patterns

Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring.

There will be tsunamis, katrinas and all these terrible things.

National geographic News: Earth hottest, it’s been 400 years or more. This is just history. The bible says add number six to the rest and when all of these things are happening together watch out, we are getting to the end. How many of these are happening at the moment? National geographic confirms something is going on. Number 6 is happening at the moment.

Terra Daily: Typhoon hits china, over 700,000 evacuated. Here is a satellite photograph of hurricane mitch. This is not even a katrina, it is just mitch. Look at that enormous hurricane and these pictures of the waves hitting the light houses. This has never been seen before.

Hurricane Katrina: At least 1,836 people lost their lives in hurricane Katrina and it cost U.S $81.2 billion to clean up from the mess. Unbelievable, just number 6 alone is not a sign. Number 6 on top of 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 is a sign. Number 7 is on top of all of these.

          Increasing violence

Mathew 24:12  And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold

This image of a poor boy hiding behind what I assume would be his father is protected in these shoot out gang wars. Maybe it is not a gang war, maybe this is the war in Iraq, we don’t know. What we do know however is that this boy should not be in the situation. Lawlessness and iniquity shall abound, violence, violence. How is this for an image?

Look at this, this is Time magazine: Ali Ishmael is attended to by distant aunt in a Bagdad hospital after being mutilated by a missile that killed his mother, father, brother and eleven other relatives on the outskirts or Bagdad. Look at this boy; no arm, his two thirds of his body has got burns on it. What is left for this boy is life. His whole family is gone. Iniquity shall abound, lawlessness and violence shall increase. It has been statistically proven that an average 18 year old has seen over 200,000 violence events on TV of which 40,000 of those are murders. You get violence on your children’s computer games, video games, movies, homes, schools, road rage, everywhere you look. You’ve got to be careful to put your eyes down, your head up and just do what you want to do. Don’t look around because you might get bitten up for looking somebody wrong. Violence is everywhere. Take that and put it on top of the pile.

What about signs number 8 and 9?

Pleasure Driven Society and a Loss of Family Values

Take this list of identifying characteristics and just think about it. Does this look like somehow like what the world looks like today?

2 Timothy 3:1-4 This also know, that in the last days perilous times shall come. For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good, traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God.

Just rewind and pause on that graphic and then decide for yourself. Can you see any of this anywhere in the society at the moment? That looks like a perfect description of society as it is. The bible is spot-on the button again. Let’s take a pleasure driven society for a moment. The bible says the bars will be full, the sports arena will be full, the theaters will be full. There will be rave parties, children will be going to rock concerts, parents as well. It is a society the bible warns that if it feels good do it. If it tastes good eat it and if it looks good take it. That is the world that we live in at the moment. Everything will be driven by senses. I’ve got to have a bigger TV, I’ve got seats that vibrate so that I can believe more what is going on in the movies. I’ve got to have this, I’ve got to have a fancy car, pleasure driven society focused on physical needs and sense stimulation. All the times that this happens God’s law is being trampled under our feet. I didn’t know that I was doing it that is why I had to be woken up out of my deception.

Lovers of their Own selves

Here is an image of [0:06:36]. In Times magazine she says; “There is nobody in the world like me. I think every decade has an iconic blond – like Marilyn Monroe or Princes Diana – and right now I am that icon.”

‘oh! Isn’t that wonderful? I am so lucky I am me.’ Lovers of their own selves. On its own it’s not a sign. Put it together with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and you’ll have something going here. What is this going here?

What about sign number 9?

The Decrease or Loss of Family Values

Family values are built in a solid, stable home environment. What is Satan’s best way of destroying that? Divorce. He knows that each of the bricks of the society is a family. If he can make the brick weaker then he can make the entire structure weaker. By making each individual family weaker the whole structure that knits society together gets weaker and weaker.

Here are some statistics from statistics.gov.uk: You can see sometime around the 1960s all of a sudden a dramatic increase of late 1960s and early 1970s, there is a huge increase in the divorce rate. Interesting to see that this was around the times of the beetles and Elvis, all these musical thing started to come in and people started to do things in their homes that wasn’t done before. Then it increased and increased and all of a sudden around 2000 there was a decline in the divorce rate. Why did it go down? Are things improving in the world? No. If you read on in the article it says … unfortunately the statistics are not as accurate as they used to be about people together because now people aren’t getting married so they can’t get divorced. A loss of family values, two homosexual males having to adopt a child, two homosexual women adopting a child, things that weren’t made like that. The Lord calls this an abomination. If you are a homosexual and you are hearing this I am not judging you. The Lord loves you as much as He loves me but you are deceived if you think that you are doing right. Please watch these lectures and decide whether maybe there is some deception in which you find yourself. People aren’t getting married anymore so they can’t get divorced. This is the way Satan destroys the fabric of society by making each individual family brick weaker. There is no father, no mother that are tightening that to build boundaries around the child and so the society starts to degrade. Not only that, New24 explains about a special deal for virgins.

New24: Berlin – A brothel has become the first in Berlin to offer special deals for virgins with prostitutes chained in the delicate art of catering for customers who’ve never had sex.

Unbelievable! Even the prostitutes are now making it easier where your conscious is screaming. You know you shouldn’t go into this place and you are consciously shouting at you. They are making it easier because now they’ve got a delicate touch and they’ll make it comfortable for you so that it’s easier to enter.

[Part 10 of 10]

This gentleman in Telaviv who is holding training sessions on how to cheat on your wife. This workshop speaks about how you have one wife in this country, one girlfriend in that country or couple with your wife, just make sure they are in different geographic areas and maybe different languages that they won’t see … these people are forgetting that the Lord knows the thoughts and the intents of the heart. Do you see the problem?

We’ve gone through 1, 2, 3, 4 and we’re putting all of these on top of each other. Do you know that in 1940 the top seven disciplinary problems were talking out of turn in class, chewing gum in class, making noise, running in the whole, cutting in line, dress code infractions and loitering? Fifty years later, not five hundred, fifty years later what are the top seven disciplinary problems in 1990? Drug use, alcohol abuse, pregnancy, suicide, rape, robbery and assult. There is a problem in the fabric of our society. You put that on top and remember you’ve got to tell their frequency and the intensity all at the same time.

Number 10

Mathew 24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations; and then shall the end come

Why hasn’t the world ended yet? You’ve got TBN, God channel; this Jesus Christ is being spread all over the world. Why hasn’t the world ended yet? Why isn’t the Lord come? There are bibles in all the corners. This is the problem. I will be uncovering all of these during the lectures. It is not just about the name Jesus Christ, it is about the character of Jesus Christ. Not only that, not everybody has heard the truth of Jesus Christ yet.

2 Peter 3:9 The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

That is how you can turn it around. You just say what does longsuffering mean? Imagine for a moment your daughter or your son was being mutilated in front of you by some burglar or stupid maniac that got hold of them and you are tied up and unable to do anything. Would you feel the pain of your child? Absolutely! Is God able to feel what we are going through? Absolutely! He is suffering long not that for the sake of holding back, not that willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance. Everybody has to hear this message. We take the sign number 1, 2, 3 and we add them on top of each other. The Lord says when all of these things are happening the end of the world will be very, very close. All of these 10 signs – I’ve only been through 10, there are more – are pointing towards something is about to change. Are we at the end of the world? Is there such a thing as the end of the world? Yes there is. Not only is there an end but we are very close to it.

Mathew 25:13   Therefore watch, for you do not know either the day or the hour in which the son of Man comes.

We don’t know the hour or the day and we’re not going to date-set either but the Lord says be on the station at 10:30, platform 3, something will happen.

The heavenly call in Revelation 14 also goes out;

Revelation 14:6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue and people.

14:7 saying with a loud voice, Fear God and give glory to Him; for the hour of His judgment is come: and worship Him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters

I am inviting you to come with me on a journey. We’re going to be going into 21 more lectures. I’m going to be taking similar information to this but much deeper. We’re going to be expanding on this topic of ‘Is this the End of the World and How do We Know’. Are we really deceived into believing certain things that might not be true? The very next lecture I will be looking at is ‘Who is God?’ Is it Allah, is it Brahma, is it Vishnu is it Krishna, who is it? [0:04:52] If it is how do you know? Jesus will come and show us that He is God and He will show us in the next lecture. It is not just what the bible says, it’s what science tells us, amazing. Even through science we can prove who God is. We are going to be uncovering some incredible information in these lectures and I urge you, I encourage you and I challenge you to come back and go on this journey with us as we take off. We’ll build a biblical foundation, we’ll take off and land back on the bible. Join us on this incredible journey of discovery.

Thank you.

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