Leo Schreven – Cause of Death.

It is with a very heavy heart that I relay this news.  I know so many people will be effected negatively by this, and am praying with all my heart that people will not use it as an excuse to leave the faith.  I said it when Mark died, and I will say it again now that Leo has passed in such a horrible manner.

Romans 8:28 And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose.

This is a horrible circumstance, but if we have faith, we have to believe it is for God’s purpose, even if that purpose is just to test if we can rely on God when man fails us.  Leo was a good man, clearly tormented in a way that only those close to him knew.   If we needed to pray for his family before, we need to pray more fervently now.  Here is the confirmation I received in response to an email today from www.allpowerministry.com.

Many have asked about the tragic passing of Leo Schreven. Tamara and Cierra along with the Schreven family are very grateful for the outpouring of concern and support in their time of loss and bereavement. It is not possible for them to respond to each individual message or phone call. The family is intensely grieving the loss of Leo and your prayers for them during this difficult time are most helpful as they navigate so many difficult and new realities.
1. Leo took his own life in the early morning hours of Dec 1. Unknown to most people, for many years Leo suffered from a complex mental health disorder. Every possible effort was made by Tamara, his family and very close friends encouraging him to get help. Even to the very last, the family repeatedly assured him and let him know he was loved and appreciated. This year he spiraled downward and particularly in the past few months, weeks and days, it was increasingly evident he was experiencing serious complications.
2. It is important to know that Leo’s family; his parents, his two brothers and his sister are extremely supportive of Tamara. In light of Leo’s mental health challenges over the years, Leo’s family has supported the decisions that Tamara has had to make in the best interests of herself and Cierra.
3. It is the wish of Tamara and the family that focus be on the dignity of Leo’s life by remembering how effective his ministry was in spite of the very personal, private, and real challenges he struggled with.
All Power ministry will continue. There will be growth in new directions so the ministry can continue to make available practical materials to assist people in biblical principles for daily living.