The love of Jesus only? Walter Veith’s 2017 Testimony

Many in the various denominations are preaching “don’t teach doctrine, just preach the love of Jesus”.  This sounds good on the surface, but unfortunately, it stems from a lack of understanding of both what “the love of Jesus” is and why the perversion of this message is useless, and often repulsive for a large portion of the population.  It also stems from a Theistic Evolutionary point of view, and the complete disregard of the Bible as an authority.

Sadly, there is only one end to this, and we are seeing it.  Strong and intelligent men are leaving the church in droves, feminism is taking over the church, homosexuality and many sins are gaining acceptance in the church.  And teenagers who have so many temptations and pressures from their peers, yet lack the lifelong commitment to God, can see through the emptiness and are leaving the church at a rate of 85% per generation.

Walter Veith’s testimony about his experience of his conversion from Atheism to Christianity, gives an interesting understanding of what is wrong with this new paradigm.