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Daniel Unsealed recently was part of the 2015 official selection for the International Christian Film Festival.

Biblical prophecy is often difficult to understand and misunderstood due to a lack of knowledge of history.  With this production we aim to change that.  After almost 2 years of work, we are finally ready to show the first season of the Daniel & Revelation series we have been working on.  The detail of this series is like nothing we have ever done, and likely nothing you have ever seen.  Our goal has been to make the series clear and concise, in a visual way that will allow you to understand with clarity not only the amazing prophecies of the Biblical book of Daniel, but the historical context.  Our other goal has been to make it as entertaining as possible, while maintaining clarity.  If you have never heard of the book of Daniel, or if you have been studying the book for many years, we believe this will give you a new perspective of this amazing book.jerusalem

We will start releasing series 1 on the 14th March 2014, and continue releasing one a week (Lord willing) until the first series is complete.   Our goal is to complete Daniel & Revelation, however this is up to God’s providence, there is a lot of work ahead for us to reach that goal.

Watch the full movie here (1.5h):

I hope you enjoy series 1 of Daniel Unsealed – Trailer below (please help by liking the video, subscribing to the channel, and sharing this to all your friends)

video: youtube

Season 1 – Daniel 2

01 – Before the Head of Gold – youtube (10 minutes)
02 – The Division of Assyria – youtube (7 minutes)
03 –  The Dream – youtube (7 minutes)

The Interpretation:

04 – Babylon – youtube (3 minutes)
05 – Medo Persia – youtube (8 minutes)
06 – Greece – youtube (4 minutes)
07 – Rome – youtube (15 minutes)
08 – The Iron Mixed With Miry Clay (Constantine) – youtube
09 – This Division of Rome (the Barbarian Invasion) – youtube
10 – A Divided Europe – youtube
11 – The Rock – youtube

If you wish to make DVDs of this, or just watch it in its entirety:
Full NTSC version (1080p 23.976fps) – youtube – USA, Canada, etc
Full PAL version (1080p 25fps) – youtube – UK, South Africa, NZ, Australia, etc.

To create your own DVDs to hand out to your friends and family, feel free to download the video from youtube and use the below disc artwork:
DVD disc artwork: http://www.danielunsealed.com/danielunsealeddvd.jpg

If this is too complicated, the DVD is available for purchase for a very small price:

Click here to buy now! – version information here


For Spanish or Romanian versions here

48 thoughts on “Daniel Unsealed

    • I really like how you have connected history with Bible prophecy. Something I have been doing myself, and I could sure use your material in expanding my research. I believe the concept that iron sharpens iron. I would really enjoy a good Biblical dialog with you. As long as we can keep it with what God’s Word says and not by any copy written man-made book.

  1. god bless your work, i have learned so much from all of your excellent videios,you surely are doing the work of a nehamiah. the lord is coming soon, so much as happening in the world and the church, all according to prophecy.

    • Thanks Beatrice. Yes, He is coming soon. It’s exciting that so many people are viewing the trailer and episodes. God’s word is true 🙂 God bless.

  2. What a wonderful and truthful webpage i came across today! i was just looking for such a website. Keep on publishing. God bless u all !!!

  3. Ben, I’m blown away by this “Daniel Unsealed” video! Superb quality! May God continue to bless your (and Paul’s) work!

  4. With Gratitude and the Right Hand of Fellowship, I extend to each of you for what I know must have been a wonderful and daunting work. I’ve been richly blessed by nothing short of a Premium Inspirational Production full of facts, faith and encouragement. A must see for anyone that claims themselves, Christian.

    The “clear and concise” content wasn’t wasted on me for it answered all of questions, conflicted with none of my beliefs and met all of my expections. My only regret, I wasn’t ready for it to close.

    The script and narration, Perfect; the biblical and historical references, Enlightening; and the video and visual effects, Captivating. I also take my hat off to Ben Jones and all the sacrifices you and your families have made the last couple of years to share God’s wonderful Truth and Christ’s amazing gift.

    Looking forward to sharing eternity with you and all of God’s children in the coming Kingdom of God’s Glorified Son, Jesus Christ.

  5. I stumbled across your website tonight. Praise God!
    Our family is currently on a 10 day secular media & games fast/challenge, and think this will be perfect for my boys to get their minds off “game time” and engaged in God’s word in a more modern manner. Thank you!
    Brilliant production btw… Can’t wait to share it.

  6. A big thank you for the clearest presentation of the Book of Daniel ever. I loved the history provided in this presentation, the most in-depth I have come across. It is accurate and beautiful. Feeling very blessed by it.

      • I think you would like to make some research on that book… there are many interessting things in it. It’s worth the reading of the 283 pages. I think if you talk about that content it would be great, you have done a very good job on this one. You are blessing! May the Lord give you more and more blessings on your ministries… please, take some time to study the book, maybe you’ll like something.

  7. Hey there, just watched this, great job !
    Just one thing, you write NTSC as having a lower fps than PAL, you aware that it’s usually the other way around ? With NTSC at 30 and PAL at 25, but PAL having a bit higher resolution and NTSC a bit lower resolution and all. Just wondering, is the info about the two versions above accurate ?

    • Hi,
      There are 2 NTSC frame rates, 24fps and 30fps (close enough to anyway). PAL is 25fps as you say. The resolution is the same for both versions as 1080p is a universal format.. thankfully they gave up on those strange formatting things with DVD. If you do make a DVD with freemake or some other dvd making program you can make a 24fps DVD in NTSC, it sorts the res out itself (it is actually 23.976fps or something).

      Hope that helps


  8. What a lot of work Ben! You have done some amazing graphics and special effects, a lot of time invested. Well done Amy and Ryan

  9. Its a wonderful description with the help of Holy Spirit I believe, you are a channel of blessing to many. Have a blessed day in Christ

  10. What can I say about it! It is perfect, I am a youth sundayschool teacher and I have being teaching abou!t the book of Daniel but in my heart it was the desire to bring up a good presentation with knowledge and quality (Iam just a simple teacher) and thanks God that He put me accross your video. My class is the future of my church and I want them to know in what to spect in the coming years.The quality of the teaching and presentation of this video is of much worth. I wish I could be like you or to be use by God as He is using you. Thanks for everything, thanks God for your life, Hes bring more wisdom to me and to my classk though you. Thank you.

    • You are as much an important part of the equation as any of us. We can’t share the message with the people in your class, but you can. I’m glad we were able to help you in your important work. God bless 🙂

  11. Deep appreciation and thanks for your masterful production, excellent presentation, amazing, great historical documentation, irrefutable evidence God is indeed Sovereign, in complete control of world history, of all events…..an old saying, “man makes plans and God laughs” it’s so true!! Only regret, I bought five DVD’s sent two to friends, unfortunately worked fine on my player but wouldn’t work on two of my friends players. Greatly appreciate your assistance, thanks!

    • Hi,
      Where are you located. It is important to get the correct version (NTSC for united states and various nations associated; PAL for most other places. Unfortunately older DVD players are often quite picky about this. Some older DVD players also may not play burned DVDs, though this issue is rarer.

  12. Congratulations, great to see history assigned to prophecy, very informative and invites the audience to delve further into historical facts while focusing on the return of Yashua.

  13. This is a first rate production! And sound Biblical teaching, as well. Thank you for doing this. Do you have other work on video or audio? I found it on youtube quite by accident. I am always looking for quality stuff.

    • if you google “youtube downloader” then you will be able to find many free programs to download youtube videos.

    • “the kingdom of God is within you”… (basically anyone surrendered to the Holy Spirit is the Kingdom of God on earth) and the kingdom of God is also in heaven of course.

  14. Just watched the entire video on YouTube. Thank you! It was really helpful in seeing the history of mankind and of course how God talks about it all playing out. Very well done video! 🙂

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