Road to Sinai

Since the early origins of the Christian church people have wondered where the red sea crossing occurred, or if it was simply a myth.  In modern times, with the advent of higher criticism, Egyptology and evolution, people have all but thrown out the literal reading of the books of Genesis and Exodus.  But have they missed something?  Have all the smartest minds of our age been blinded by presuppositions, and tradition?  Or has God simply hidden evidence in places where they cannot reach.

The Road to Sinai is a different kind of documentary;  Rather than go into vast detail about the discoveries, we have attempted to distill out all the important and logical thought patterns which have led a number of highly skeptical people from all different walks of life, to come to the same conclusion: you can trust the bible.

Over 2 months we went from Korea, to Europe, and into the middle east, to get interviews and footage to gain a solid understanding of what has been discovered at the Traditional Mt Sinai vs the Saudi Arabian Mt Sinai (Jabel el Lawz).  This is still a work in progress.

The questions we attempt to answer are:
Part 1:
– Is the Mt Sinai on the Sinai the real Mt Sinai?
– Where did the Israelites cross the red sea?

Part 2 (new 2017):
Interview with Dr David Kim, and his many trips to Mt Sinai

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Further Info

Patterns of Evidence: – outstanding docco about the evidence for the Israelite in Egypt.  The best, and most balanced docco you will find on the topic.  You can buy the dvd or digital download at their website… well worth the price.

Ross Patterson’s Discovery Series: – very good (and free) series on the red sea crossing and many other discoveries of Ron Wyatt, and the new info that has come to light after his death.