Programming of Life 2: Earth (full documentary)

Programming of Life 2, is an outstanding followup to the original programming of life (follow link for full video) which thoroughly debunks the concept of naturalism in a respectful and methodical way, without bringing in the concept of God, but rather allowing people to draw their own conclusions from the facts available.

This 30 minute followup documentary continues the same line of argument to the “anthropic principle” or the concept of fine tuning of the earth.  These two documentaries would be perfect to show in a school environment in areas where that is possible… if not, in your church would be a great place to play this, given a lack of understanding on the issue of origins is sited as the number 1 reason children leave the faith.

The only thing I will say is: Hugh Ross is a progressive creationist who is mentioned in this video, and while I agree with what was mentioned, I in no way support his position of an old earth.  For those who have questions of the age of the earth being compatible with Christianity, I suggest you watch “noah’s flood, washing away the millions of years

But with that qualification, this is an outstanding production and well worth your time: