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2010 Sermons – mp3 & youtube links to sermons
2011 Sermons
 – mp3 & youtube links to sermons
2012 Sermons
 – mp3 & youtube links to sermons

Camp Meetings – Many sermon series on specific topics.
FAQs –  Short answers to big questions

Mark Woodman’s Sermons – A wake up call

Creation vs Evolution – Are we the result of random processes and natural selection?  Is the earth billions of years old?  I think you will find the evidence rather overwhelming for the fact that God did create us in 6 days, around 6000 years ago (earth and all!)

Health Lectures – These are lectures from secular as well as Christian sources, and they all say the same thing.  Ellen White got it right 150 years ago with the Health Message.

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  1. Can I have your news letter and sermon please we are living in critical time the battle between good and evil is real we need to pray for our pastors missionary and leaders more than ever.I know how the devil is working on my health my kids turn away from the lord because i’m constantly sick for obeying The law of health this battle will go on till Jesus come now is the time to be more faithful than ever.Please pray for my kids and I we are going through tough time its Time for Jesus to come…..

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