Mark Woodman’s Sermons

God’s Final Call Series:
(mp3s and transcripts coming soon, watch this space)

01 – Is it the End of the World? - youtube, mp3 (12), script
02 – Who is God? - youtube, mp3 (12), script
03 – Structure of Prophecy – youtube, mp3 (12), script
04 – Revelations 777 - youtube
05 – Who is the Antichrist - youtube
06 – The Seat of the Dragon - youtube
07 – Unity Towards the East - youtube
08 – All Roads Lead to Rome - youtube
09 – Son vs Sun – the Evolution Debate - youtube
10 – What happens When We Die? - youtube
11 – The Poison in the Passion of the Christ - youtube
12 – Battle for the Mind - youtube
13 – The New Age Agenda - youtube
14 – Christian Deceptions - youtube
15 – Signs and Lying Wonders - youtube
16 – An Image to the Beast - youtube
17 – A New World Order - youtube
18 – The 3 Angels Message - youtube
19 – Earth’s Final Warning - youtube
20 – The Final Confrontation - youtube
21 – A Gift of Prophecy - youtube
22 – From Creation to Restoration - youtube
23 – It’s Closer than you Think - youtube

If you get to the end of this, and wonder “what’s next, how do I get ready?”  Then continue to the 2012 sermons section.

Elijah’s Gold - youtube

The 3 Elijahs - youtube

Influence of the Media on Your Children - youtube

It’s Closer Than You Think 2youtube

God’s Temple of Truth:

01 – The Critical Component – youtube
02 – The Everlasting Gospel – youtube
03 – The Great Controversy – youtube
04 – For Unto Us a Child is Born – youtube
05 - Why The Resurrection Matters – youtube
06 – Why The Resurrection Matters 2 – youtube
07 – Smoke in the Sanctuary – youtube
08 – Smoke in the Sanctuary 2 – youtube
09 - the lord calls 3 times – youtube
10 – As in the Days of Noah – youtube
11 – As in the Days of Noah 2 – youtube


Mark’s Goodbye: 

Mark’s Last Interview – vimeo
Mark Woodman’s Goodbye - youtube
Mark’s Funeral - vimeo

26 thoughts on “Mark Woodman’s Sermons

  1. I want to acquire all the DVDs in the “God’s Temple of Truth” and “God’s Final Call” series. When I download these on my computer I am getting interruptions and cannot follow the sermons clearly.

    Please advise where I can get the DVDs and if possible give me a price list.

    I need these for Bible Study with non-Adventists.

    Thank you.

    • If you go to the shop page and scroll down to the bottom, it will give you links to buy the DVDs. You can also purchase them on a hard drive.

  2. I Thank God 4 having given me a chance to know the truth through mark woodmans sermons, I have not watched the first 4 where he teaches about Gods temple of truth but I will definately buy one.I have not been an adventist but the day I watched his dvds made me stop going to church on sunday and right now I want to go the nearest sda church every sabath, brothers and sister in the lord include me in yo prayers because I want to also go with my husband and child so that he can be saved too. God bless you

  3. I feel bad that Markwoodman passed. But i thank God that he was taken after he did all his work. Every time i watch his DVDs i Feel good and think i am already in paradise. God bless his family especially wife and Children. Thank you

  4. the lord has spoken as he always has,the world has head it all remains up to an individual to choose whom he or she will serve the Lord of truth or the lord of lies,beloved take heed and walk away from from the wide road which seem to be more popular to many,a time has come for the truth to be spoken without fear but with prcission and boldness,a time for personal scrutinization, trasformation and reformation,beloved the days are and pray

  5. I need to keenly follow each and every preaching of God’s temple of truth, and other sermons. However, I have download challenges. How can I follow?

    Thank you

    • Try using freemake downloader. Just be careful when installing it not to install all the silly extras they make you install.

  6. To Mark family,

    Oh, how I wish that I have met Mark Woodman personally. Thank you Mark for your Biblical outreach to souls like me. You helped me to undestand Bible typology, the Holy Temple of God, and the importance to “come out of Babilon” and the importance of “God’s children perish because of the lack of knowledge’. I have left the New Apostolic Church who is following the beast – some members following the beast totally unknowingly, and the top leaders of the New Apostolic church, perhaps ‘knowingly’????. Thank you Mark. You have made an unforgettable mark on my soul and you are in my heart forever. Blessings to your family who stayed behind to continue your evangelical work in the last days.

    Loving greetings

    Ex-New Apostolic, like you!

  7. If there were ever a human being that influence my life in a powerful way is it Mark Woodman.You have open a whole new world of christianity to me.I so wish that i could have met you.Because of your teachings of the importance of God’s Sabath i and my husband have decided to follow Gods commandments instead of mens cammandments.I wish i could tell you how much you have instored in my christian walk.Though i have never knew personly your death has left a sadness in my heart.Shalom Mark!!! till we meet again.God bless your wife and children.

  8. Elizabeth, After watching Mark Woodman’s videos regarding the sabath i and my husband also decided to stop going to church on sundays,but now we are looking for a sabath keeping church but it is hard to find one.Please keep me and my husband in your prayers.God Bless!!

  9. I feel very said he’s no longer with us but a christian sleepeth and soon when jesus comes he will be waken from the sleep.he left such powerful revealing messages I remember the first I watch his dvd amazing …he did live his mark on this earth

      • Thank God for that massive job he did throw mark woodman.coz I realy don’t know what say he charged my life. I wish all of us we can stand and continiu where mark left. To show that what he did its good for us and perfect. U know when u believe in God there so many challeges to test how much your faith is but prove how powerful and strong is.I love all I wish one day to meet mark s’family stay blessed may God be with u

  10. This good news shall be used to judge us…let’s pass to the fellow creatures of God as soon as now. But where can l purchase them in Zimbabwe

  11. I have been blessed by way God used Brother Mark Woodman, January, 5 2014 that is when I have watched his farewell video clip. My word to Mark is, “Rest in the Lord as we wait for that glorious bright morning when we shall all resurrect with incorruptible bodies without cancer” Lord God for thank you for the life of Mark.

  12. Thanks Mark, you help my family and I understood who God is. May God bless your family. I think we should translate into other languages to share your work with more God’s children. What do you think?

    • If you continue to the bottom of the sermon list, you will see that Mark has passed away. However, you are more than welcome to translate the sermons into other languages and share them. God bless.

  13. I’m a seventh-day Adventist youth from Papua New Guinea and I’m really touched by the dynamic preaching of yours. I’m also glad that you did a tremendous job ever to lead the children of God to the narrow way despite of the hardships and threatens may be encountered. i know and believe from the biblical truth that you will be safely taken care of by Almighty God and watch throughout your commission. your tough work will encompass possible true light bearers in other churches and put them in the right path to carry on.
    I’m also desire to follow the same track as you are taking but I’m currently praying for the Lord to provide me the way to implement this great commission. please help me in the ways that you believe that will help me support your given mission.
    May Good Lord Continue to be with you and take good care of you in your consecrated ministry all-through. my prayers are also be with you as you continue to serve our Good Lord in ways you can…
    hoping to hear from you

    yours sincerely Noel Martin
    currently studying Civil Engineering Final year

  14. For sure God use those who worship Him accord ing to His Will, iam glad and fils privilégié and pray That Al May view This dvd, and That we May be what God créated us to be

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