Our aim is to provide everything for free, however, sometimes this isn’t possible (books for example).  So here are some resources that we highly recommend.

Platform of Truth – Volume 1 - buy or pdf 
This book covers in great detail the History of the Seventh Day Adventist Church. Contents within include the full books of the following:
1. Questions on the Sealing Message – (JN Loughborough)
2. The Great Second Advent Movement: Its Rise and Progress (JN Loughborough)
3. The Nature of Christ (AT Jones)
4. The Order of Melchisedec (SN Haskell)
5. Who is Melchisedec? (SN Haskell)
6. The Holy Spirit (AT Jones)
7. Bible Handbook (SN Haskell)
8. The Cross and its Shadow (SN Haskell)
9. Biblical Institute (Uriah Smith & James White)
10. Leadership (James White)
11. Organization and Discipline (James White)

Daniel & The Revelation – 1897 edition - buy or pdf
- The Ultimate study guide for the Biblical Books Daniel and the Revelation. Never before or since has a book been made with such detail on this topic. A must read for all serious bible students. This is the original 1897 edition, with a completely updated layout for ease of navigation.

Why do we promote this book so much? – here


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