Ken Ham & John Mackay on Evidence for Creation

698c74c1-2775-4b5c-bf43-ee6f92b15339_170x255Ken Ham speaks on “why is this issue important”. John Mackay gives plenty of evidence for the flood.  Very good series.

All videos are up now:


fossil thorns, John Mackay

Ken Ham Sunday Morning

Ken Ham 7pm

John Mackay 4pm (proof that Australian Aboriginals are recently from India)

Ken Ham Sat 2pm

John Mackay Friday Night

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Creation or Evolution?

Many, be it Christian or not, believe evolution was the way things were “created”.  This belief is also tied up with millions/ billions of years. But does it fit the evidence?  I would submit no.   Below are some videos that give just a glimpse of why I believe this, and also give an alternative, more rational explanation for the evidence.

Did Evolution “Create” All Living Things?
For starters, the one question that needs to be asked, is evolution even remotely possible?  This documentary gives a clear answer on this topic.

How Old is the Earth?

We believe the bible is clear that the earth is somewhere around 6000 years old.  From the links below, there is much proof of this.

Is There Evidence For Ape Men?

Some short clips to give more perspective: (includes some on ATP synthase, DNA replication, polystrate fossils, and more)

Some interesting Videos on Astronomy and the Bible

02 – Jim Burr – Introduction – testimony – youtube
03 – Jim Burr – Astronomy & the Bible – youtube
05 – Jim Burr – I Will Not Share My Glory With Another – youtube

 A sermon I did a while ago on why I believe in God: here

Other Good Resources to help you make the decision: – huge resource of Scientific journals and resources showing the evidence for creation and against naturalistic processes and an old earth. – as above – 1 minute, very well produced, videos that show the irrational nature of naturalism. – home of Eric Hovind and crew.  Great videos to strengthen your faith in creation.