Camron Schofield – A Call To Immediate Action

Same sermon. 2 parts. This is a personal message to all those who profess to love the message of Christ Our Righteousness. Jesus is coming soon. All the signs in the world tell us the end is near. But what are we doing with our lives? Are we living for tomorrow, neglecting our duties in the hope that Christ is not coming THAT soon, or are we laying everything upon the altar, and saying, Lord, teach me how I may hasten thy coming. ??

Who will be those that go into the heavenly Caanan? This presentation gives a clear and definite answer.

Be sure to watch both parts.
video: youtube pt 1, youtube pt 2
audio: mp3 (both parts)

Angus T Jones Converts to Adventism

Some interesting videos about the new conversion of Two & a Half Men’s star Angus T Jones.  He has been converted to the SDA religion, and has been in contact with forerunner, which is a good sign!  So lets keep him in our prayers!  He has a big journey ahead.

Forerunner speaks on the controversy (amazing personal testimony):

Full Interview with Forerunner:

part 2:

Some TV Spots:

and another:
abc news video