What are the Nephilim?

2012-11-14 – Ben Jones – What are the Nephalim? – mp3

There are some very strange ideas going around Christianity relating to the nephalim.  If you haven’t heard about it, count yourself lucky… very lucky, because most of Christianity has a complex theory relating to who these “mystical beings” are.  I will only cover a few here.

Author Lauren Kate wrote the book Fallen about an angel who is romantically attracted to and pursues a relationship with a human teenager. In the January 11, 2010 issue of Publisher’s Weekly (PW) on p. 13, Kate claims, “The idea for the book came from a line I read in Genesis about a group of angels who were effectively kicked out of heaven because they lusted after mortal women. I became curious about what the experience might be of a teenage mortal who suddenly became the object of an angel’s affection.”

But where do they actually get it from?  This is what the bible says:The passage Lauren Kate refers to is Genesis 6:1-6…
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