Time for a change

I will be rebuilding markwoodman.org over the next few weeks.  Your prayers would be much appreciated during this process.  I apologize for the inconvenience.

Video updates will continue to be posted here, and on youtube, or join our facebook group  or follow us on twitter: @jumanous

Why the change of url?
because the content is becoming less and less that of Mark’s sermons, and more other sermons, it seems more appropriate to use the general title of a warning.  Mark’s sermons will continue to be available as long as God allows.

Where are all the Articles?
At this point I am unable to retrieve the articles, however, with the new back end to the site,  it will be far easier for posting regular articles.

Where are all the sermon videos?
The videos will now be found in the “sermons” section, under 2012/2011/Mark Woodman Sermons.   

Can I Still Use www.markwoodman.org to access the site?
Yes, the site will be accessible from either markwoodman.org or www.godslastwarning.org.

2 thoughts on “Time for a change

  1. The idea of rebuilding markwoodman.org is o.k. But is not exit Mark Woodman and enter Paul Godfrey ?

    • It’s not really about putting Paul Godfrey or any man in the place. Mark Woodman’s work will always be represented here (more soon as I update things). However this site is about God’s last warning to humanity, and I believe Mark would certainly approve if this change, and more importantly God. Either way, Mark’s work will live on.

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