Walter Veith – update on charges


Talk about an emotional roller coaster.  Learning of Leo’s unexpected passing and Angus t Jones and his conversion and this.  Spirit of Prophecy said the last moves will be rapid ones, and things are going crazy.  The worst part is, the attack against Walter is only the beginning of what will be a broad censorship of the truth.  It is high time for us to get right with God and learn the truth while we still can.

This is what Walter was charged with:

  • The usage of the words  “little yellow cloth” [German “gelbes Tüchlein”] in reference to the markings the Jewish people had to wear during the post Napoleonic era and during Hitler’s regime.  
  • The usage of the word “herded” when referring to the situation of the Jews after the end of the war as a result of Hitler’s persecution and their transference to the newly formed State of Israel, as well as the lack of compassion on the part of many countries, including Canada, the UK, and others who refused entrance to Jews that had escaped the Nazi totalitarian regime.
  • The use of quotes from the book Facts are Facts by the Jewish author Benjamin Freedman, as evidence that most Jews aren’t really of Jewish descent, because Freedman is considered an anti-Semitic.

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